Monday, June 16, 2014

MNet is blurring out Kris' Face

You won't BELIEVE who it is!
On a recent episode of MNet's Exo File fans were quick to notice in one segment that Kris' face was blurred out. No doubt to shield citizens from that hideous visage and totally not because of recent legal troubles and because since his legal contract with SM blah blah blah. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, during Daniel of Dalmatian's drug scandal he was also shown blurred out in TV segments.

Moments later.

A lot of fans are taking it personally however. I can't blame them, MNet/the rest of the world is out to get them.


  1. Wu yi fan deserves the best , because fuck sm , not really . But I really hope everything goes smoothly for him , a lot of ppl hate him because he " broke The oppars hearts "

  2. Fangirls need not fret. Kr*s (censored for courtesy) will probably do acting or whatever in China, where SM can't cockblock him.

    1. Can you email me who you're talking about maybe? Promise I won't tell anyone.

    2. So long as you don't sell the details to AKP.

    3. heheheh sarcasm at it's best...i like it!!!

  3. can someone tell me why so many kris antis have taken to describing him as a pigeon/dove?

    love all the instagram accounts with names like betrayer_wuyifan and fuckyoukris though

  4. I love how everyone's attitude to this is identical to how all K-Pop fans feel about EXO. They either blindly worship Kris, saying how SM are evil slave drivers and how he's far too talented and handsome to be treated in such a way, demonizing anything that apposes him and generally acting like mentally handicapped 3 year olds or they're treating him like the scum of the earth and an embarrassment to the human race and annoying everyone with how much they hate him and also acting like mentally handicapped 3 year olds.


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