Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Han Ji Min for Allure

Han Ji Min did a pictorial for Allure, and as usual, I just thank God that I am alive to see Han Ji Min. I just think of how gorgeous she is and then I get depressed when I think that I have to go back to university next week and torture my eyes with hordes of extremely obese women roaming everywhere on campus. Then I realize that it doesn't matter as I'll be spending the next four months doing nothing but studying all day every day and then spending a few minutes online every day to look at hot Asian chicks. 


  1. Da fat chicks waddling through campus...

  2. han ji min is the number one bae for sure

  3. How the hell can you fap to Han Ji Min with all those delecious, curvy manatees waddaling around your campus?

    1. Very easy.

      Probably hides in the men's restroom at his University, uploads Han Ji Min photos, faps, then cries.

  4. Where do you live? Seattle? Why so many fatties?


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