Saturday, August 16, 2014

[MV Review] Taemin "Danger"

Yesterday, SHINee's Taemin became the group's first member to go solo. When I heard Taemin was going to release a solo debut, I wondered why they picked him of all the SHINee members to go alone. 

And after listening to the mediocre Michael Jackson-wannabe "Danger," I'm still asking myself why.

Is that you, Krystal?

I thought maybe watching the video might improve my opinion on the whole thing. The teasers and video stills promised an edgy, maybe even dangerous side of Taemin. That could be fun, right?

Just how dangerous is Taemin? Let's examine.

To determine this, we'll break down all the "dangerous" things Taemin does in the video and rate them on a scale of 1-5. A 1 rating equates to a danger level of Lee Seung Gi, every mother's dream son-in-law, and a 5 is like being Nichkhun with a six-pack.

So here we go:

1. Being surrounded by speakers blasting sick beats in your ears

Danger level: 2
That's a moderately dangerous thing for Taemin to do. Who knows what hearing impairment he might face in later life.

Plus 1 badass danger point if he's blasting "Day 1." It takes a real man to rock out to K.Will.

2. Wearing a mesh shirt with nothing underneath

Danger level: 3
Nipple chafe.

Put those away, Taemin. Ain't nobody want to see that.

3. Standing around like a moron while being circled by a motorcycle

Danger level: 3 total — a 5 for overall danger, with 2 points deducted for stupidity

4. Holding a machine gun ... -shaped guitar over your head

Danger level: You've got to be kidding me
This scene is too ridiculous to even earn a Lee Seung Gi rating.

5. Wearing ear-to-nose chains

Danger level: 5
Boy does one actually dangerous thing in this video, and that's dancing with this piece of jewelry. One bad hand movement, and something's getting ripped.

BOTTOM LINE: This song is ridiculous, and the video is a filthy liar.


  1. I actually listened to it until the end!! fuck yeah.achievement unlocked.

    but hey, at least he didn't get slut shammed like hyosung and co

    1. I would never slut shame Hyosung <333

    2. Also considering how you actually did a review on this makes me think you're actually tsundere for him and shinee. lolol

    3. Lol, yeah, SHINee is one of the groups I like to like the most. :P Song's still garbage, though.

  2. What's with the michael jackson wannabe though? i totally don't hear it or see it

    1. I think Danger totally sounds like an MJ-type song.

  3. I don't know what possessed me to watch this... thing from start to finish but it's probably my biggest regret of 2014. Also Taemin going solo makes perfectly logical sense. He's one of the most popular idols in the Korean music scene, possibly even rivalling G-Dragon. I would have lost a lot off respect for SM if they DIDN'T debut him solo. Then SM would probably do something hilarious like kicking Hyoyeon out of Snsd or something, just so they could laugh at the fangirls' reactions and they'd get all my respect back.

    1. You have an awful sense of humour.

    2. I've been waiting for SM to kick Hyoyeon out since the day I first saw them. Or she has a meltdown and fucks off. Unfortunately it seems she has too much determination. :/

    3. You're a fucked up person curest.

      Hoping someone has a meltdown because you don't like them.
      She isn't some asshole like Chris Brown that needs some kind of comeuppance.

  4. I've always had a soft spot for Taemin. I dunno if its because SHINee's my fave group or when I smile it's freakishly similar to his, or the fact that he's my #1 kpop bias list ruiner...but I just can't bring myself to hate this song. Seriously it's ridiculous to the point I love it if that makes any fucking sense. However in typical SM fashion this will nine times out of ten be one of the weakest, if not THE weakest song on the album. The music video was funny IMO. I see the MJ not the Krystal tho lol.

  5. As someone says, this is a transitional track for a club beat.

  6. Debuting Taemin solo is the most sensible move to make. I listened to the song all the way through, and I really hate the verses of the song. It sounds like he's just muttering with a bit of a rhythm, like a half-assed rap, but when the chorus kicked in, not gonna lie, I was feeling it. This song is by no means great, but with the chorus, it becomes.... listenable if nothing else.

  7. I personally really like the song.

    There isn't anything to the verses.
    But when the bridge and chorus kicks in it's awesome.

    After a couple listens I just want to keep replaying it.

  8. This girl has a peanus, it's a trap

  9. You made a danger graph and Daesung wasn't 1? Missed opportunity!

  10. i think i only listened to this whole thing because of my SHINee stan nostalgia and because i believe that one day taemin will grow into his star potential :\ it was boring

  11. I actually liked the song a bit.

    The video is so try hard though I couldn't stop cringing. I also think this was Taemin's audition to be Sulli's replacement. The song is called danger, he keeps saying pum pum pum, and he tried about as hard as he could to look like Krystal. He looks more like a girl than Amber, so he's got that going for him.

  12. Taemin wasted his talents.

    And the decaying plant on his head doesn't help. It's a Danger to my eyes.

  13. I love taemin!! i'm kinda obsessed with him. he is my bias in SHINee!! i love the teaser so much.. but, i was dissapointed when i see the mv! it doesn't even as nice as i expected.. i didn't like the song, but i like the song he sang with kai-ssi. but, what the hell!! i can't help my self not to freaking fangirl scream when i see him performing danger at music bank! Goddammit.. i hate my self.-.


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