Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tao is, apparently, 'Back'.

So, if you guys haven't heard about it yet, Tao recently updated his Instagram, declaring that he is 'back'. To do what exactly? God knows.

Goes without saying that this is obviously a solo, 'comeback'. Let's be real though, the guy's cool and all, but he can't sing and his rapping is just decent (and that's only if you're reaching a bit). Tao is definitely not ready for a solo comeback.

But who the hell knows? Maybe he'll surprise us. Maybe he won't. Guess we just gotta wait for the 23rd of July to see if it's anything worth writing about. After all, it's gotta be either really horrible or really good to earn itself an article here.

If I had an opinion about this whole ordeal, I'd say I'm all for free will. If the guy wants to leave EXO, he can go right ahead. Don't get me wrong though, I do like EXO. True, they come from a shitty company and they have an even shittier fandom, but there's no denying they make good music. I liked Tao being a part of the group. Am I sad he's leaving? I was a little, at first, but now I don't really care much. EXO is a group that tends to keep hitting the 'self-destruct' button anyway. I am curious, however, as to how long it's gonna take Lay to finally flip out and leave too, considering all the hate he's been getting lately.

More drama: Chanyeol apparently unfollowed Tao on Instagram (Gasp!) after the update. Tao got mad like the dramatic teenage girl he is and went on an unfollowing spree, bringing his, 'Following' list down to zero. Now I have a few questions; Why couldn't Tao just unfollow Chanyeol? Why did he have to unfollow everyone? Second, how do people even notice this shit? Are there like EXO-L's guarding their following lists 24/7? Do they take shifts watching if anything happens? I am really curious, people.

Lastly, I have an observation. That purple hair is fucking gay.


  1. You raised all the same questions I did - except I didn't take the time to write them out. Agree on that purple hair too.

  2. the purple hair is awesome imo

    1. I'm actually inclined to agree.
      And well...I find him to be way better-looking than most of the other members.

      Seungri + Leeteuk + Kim Hee Sun = Tao


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