Friday, July 17, 2015

The real question is do Blackjacks care for Bom anymore?

With Bom being on hiatus, it seems A.Kor has been allowed some breathing room. With their subunit's debut early last month, it can be said that Blackjacks no longer feel the responsibility to defend Boms honour and bash Kemy anymore.

It's been just short of a year since Kemy apparently ruined herself and her group's image with her diss track of Bom. I say "apparently," because no one would've given a shit about this girl group if it weren't for that track. While A.Kor's songs have been decent, they're not anything special or particularly memorable. Yes, their mixtape releases have been solid, but how would you know about them if you didn't know the group? And why do you know the group? Because she dissed Park Bom.

Anyway, until the release of the subunit, their videos have been getting absolutely pounded by annoyed "vigilantes" —  Blackjacks, who've been trying to "defend" poor little Bommie's "honour."

Their earlier videos took the most hits, considering Blackjacks were still butthurt. With the release of "But Go," a considerably "better" song to their first release "Pay Day," the group was able to pull a solid amount of fans. They've since been on a rise with their last group release, "Always."

It wasn't until this subunit's release they were able to noticeably over take their haters, and it should seem that Blackjacks are giving up.

 Now, why might this be? Is it because Blackjacks have collectively decided it's not worth the effort? I'd blame it more to the fact there aren't as many of "bigger" Blackjack fans encouraging this behaviour. Because it's pretty obvious that if you are a fan of the group who has a large collective following, you can dictate how these fans act. A lot of the crazy K-pop fangirls are just sheep following a large crowd in order to feel included. But also it's probably not just this alone. It's probably just as likely that Blackjacks can't be bothered to defend someone who isn't relevant anymore.

A lot of the comments in the "How We Do" music videos (both channels) have a lot to do with how they're "copying" 4Minute's last comeback concept. Barely anything is defending Bom. If anything, it's just A.kor stans defending Kemy and protecting A.Kor before the Blackjacks even attack.

There are actually very few blackjacks or fans still hating on Kemy. And as such, I will give credit to Kemy for the group's minute popularity. As stated earlier, without Kemy's diss, no one would give two shits about the group. And because of this lack of A.Kor hate, I have to ask the question: Where is Park Bom?

/recovering from the "corn" I'm sure/


  1. Bom was the only member I really cared about in 2NE1. But I haven't cared about 2NE1 as a whole in years.

    I couldn't even have told you who Kemy was, since I didn't care much about this back then and now.

  2. I'm pretty sure that Blackjacks are expending all their time and energy trying to convince themselves, and others that CL's "Dr. Pepper" is the "jam" of the Summer.

    1. One of the reasons why I stuck around so long on AKF is simply because they cured me of my delusion fangirlism over twoanyone.
      And my two anyone choices are now only minzy and dara. Yes. Dara. I can't believe I just typed that.

  3. I like 2ne1 n most of their music but I also like a good train wreck so I am conflicted.

  4. Recovering from her last chin-up.

  5. I personally think Bom's a hilarious individual. I'm considering adding her to my dream girl group "TQP (Top Quality Pussies)" along with Lim and Keumjo

  6. I loved "Always" but I find it ironic how the song reminds me of 2ne1 Debut days

  7. Bom is and has always been my bias in 2NE1 so I obviously care about her

  8. I remember when 2ne1 had good music and Bom was a babe. Life has been painful.

  9. kemy's followup interview was like "thats not how i really feel about Bom, really. i wrote that for a rap contest" soo you wanted to ride on someone elses fame to become INfamous? Its not like she apologized anyway. she blamed it on her company for making her "do it". A.kor had members drop out and now all they can do is sing covers. Karma.

  10. Boms an alien babe, hard to hate on her :)


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