Friday, July 15, 2016

[MV Review] Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

The Wonder Girls are back, and they are making disco look damn good.

Before I get down to the nitty gritty, here are the basics: the girls all look hot as fuck in this video, AND they've stuck with the band concept. You know what that means ... keyboard-related Yenny boob bouncing.

Who knew playing the piano had such fun breast-related results!
On a serious musical note, the song is great: not as heavy-handed of a throwback as their 80s-inspired jam I Feel You, but with enough psychedelic flavour to match the dusky neon palette of the video. It has perfectly nonchalant guitar riffs, some truly fantastic synth/vocal doubling in the chorus, and one of the most tonally-appropriate and best-integrated raps I've heard. In fact, much of the song's musical merit rests on Yubin, who nails the rap and (if she's actually playing them) uses a masterful hand with the drums. Plus she looks so cool!
John? John Lennon?
Actually, everyone in this video looks simultaneously unbelievably hot and unbelievably cool. Yenny kept the pink hair, and she's really making it work. 
I kinda want Yenny to do this to me
It also gives her an edge that matches the bad-girl plot of the MV, which features the girls smoking, drinking, sitting on refrigerators...
Hyelim in this MV is my spirit animal
...and eventually beating the living hell out of a mannequin (who I assume represents their noncommittal lover). 
Hyelim will fuck a bitch UP
The styling is fantastic, with some really cool 70s-inspired makeup looks, lots of crop tops and some truly horrifying bellbottoms that Yubin in her endless mercy manages to pull off.
2 cool 4 u
There's lots of lounging around on/near cars and in/around a very psychedelically-decorated house. The best visual trick of this music video is that everything is cast in a hazy golden light, making the sets look like straight out of a previous generation.
I barely mentioned her, but Sunmi is so hot it goes without saying

Overall, it's a sexy, laid-back video to match a sexy, laid-back song. Nothing is done to excess, and even though the combination of 70s-concept and a video with both an aesthetic and a plot might have overshadowed a lesser group, the Wonder Girls have the delivery, talent and looks to pull pretty much anything off. It might not be able to compete with flashier releases, but I'll be coming back to both this song and its accompanying music video a lot this summer. 5/5


  1. The MV has great style and the song is exceptional imo.

  2. I love this song so much. The chorus is stuck in my head. Yenny's pink hair looks so good on her. Everyone looks great even Hyelim.

    On an unrelated note, does anyone here knows the jpop singer/rapper Daoko? Her song Bang! just came out and she looks really pretty. The song is also catchy af. (link to the song)

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  4. Can't argue with sitting on refrigerators, this is just what Kpop needs.

  5. Is the video made by Digipedi? I can smell it miles away. CMIIW tho

  6. Disco? You mean reggae right?

    1. If they insist on calling it a 70s-inspired comeback, who am I to argue? But yeah I agree, it's one of two decent reggae-flavoured kpop songs in recent memory (along with Don't Be Shy, bless it)


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