Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Some Idiots Who Didn't Go to Med School Criticize Sistar's Soyou

Soyou said in a truly tragic interview that she once crash dieted so hard that she lost 8 kilograms (just under 18 pounds) in a month. For reference, it's generally considered safe/healthy to lose between 1/2 a pound and 2 pounds per week. That's 2 to 8 pounds a month, not fucking 18.

This was posted on her Instagram a month ago. I think she's thin enough, you guys.
"My friend's mother gave me a watermelon to eat once and I held it and cried thinking that everything I had worked for would crumble if I ate it," she said, which apparently provoked a bunch of fucking idiots to call her a whiny little bitch, suggest that she was still too fat, and volunteer to lose weight at an even more dangerous pace.
2. [+719, -63] If I made her type of money, I could lose even 10 kg in a month....
 Yep, and get gallstones and liver damage, you fool.
3. [+476, -46] Shows that dieting is better short term and getting sh*t done. Nevermind all those one meal a day diets, just starve yourself and exercise and get rid of your weight in the shortest time. It's painful but it's short. I find Soyu amazing for overcoming that.
The takeaway from this girl talking about how the mere thought of eating fruit made her weep is DEFINITELY that her diet was ideal. Brilliant analysis.
1. [+768, -59] I'm sure that's a lot of stress but if you consider the money she's getting in her bank account... A lot of non-celebrities work under the burden of bigger stress without making even 1% of what she does.
 Eating disorder, shmeating disorder. At least she's getting paid!!!!!!
6. [+9, -0] Whenever I see celebrities say they lost over 5 kg in weight, I wonder what their initial weight was... Soyu's 168 cm tall and doesn't look too thin so did she lose enough to drop to 46 kg or...??
Yeah look at that fucking whale!!!!!! How dare she only risk her health a little bit! She'd be so much hotter if she was just a pile of bones loosely draped with skin (but also with a great ass and big tits ... somehow).


  1. Soyu's body is perfect. Nice TNA.

    I always found her a bit stupid looking, but over time it started to turn me on more (but only for her). lol

  2. She looked like ms blimpie fat cow on the last Running Man (pictures can be edited to slim, TV not so much)....

    My observation of the whole industry - all of the girls eat like starving peasants (huge portions of some crazy shit - full of fats and carbs but also full of veggies). Seeing that it seems that the companies do not have nutritionists and trainers that tailor meal and workout plans for the girls (individually) so they don't yoyo. They blimp out when not prepping a comeback or promoting (some worse than others) and then crash to pull the pounds off at the worst time - when calorie burn is very high but their intake is restricted - not good or healthy. I've seen lots of vids/pics of girls doing pilates and yoga but not hitting the bikes or treadmills and you can see in many of them the lack of tone from not having a solid training program to keep calorie intake and burn equal.

    You would think given the heavy training and practice that calorie intake would go up to maintain themselves during comeback/promos if they maintained a healthy diet and training schedule when off. I don't get it - these girls are like prized stallions and they should have the best dieticians and trainers in Korea to maintain them at all times in the best physical condition....

    I genuinely feel bad that bar none they all bitch about diets and yet gorge like there is no tomorrow when food is around - maybe some weird cultural thing - the whole "they eat well" or muckbang thing going on....

    Case study - Bestie Dahye - rocking waist to hip ratio but her ass and belly and upper thighs are fat and cellulite laden and not toned at all - google some pics of her for proof - I weep when I see them because if she toned up that area her ass would be a national and global treasure!

    1. Can you be my trainer. I just need the motivation and experience, cause I would like a body like dahye

    2. Genetics play a role - waist/hip ratio is determined by bone structure but that said - high rep/aerobic stuff builds tone (walking, biking, running, stairs, swimming...) - high weight builds bulk. Lower abs/belly area need crunches. A 1 hour brisk walk or same time on a bike every other day will do wonders for leg/ass tone - just work up a bit of sweat - don't sight see and keep calorie intake levelish each day and don't binge eat. Good luck...

      Per suho_ftw's post below - I'm puzzled as fitness is a science these days and training and diet have been fine tuned and are well documented from Olympics level on down. Yoyoing is bad - I really don't get why these prized beauties don't have a better training program. A high calorie burn lifestyle means you can eat whatever you want and not have to starve - shakes head....

  3. Just based from Netizen comments Korea's general understanding of healthy isn't really that great. I don't know if it's because doctors just don't speak up about this sort of thing or if they ignore advice but it's certainly scary.

    1. There general understanding of everything is....

  4. ".......Yep, and get gallstones and liver damage, you fool......."

    Liver damage, I concur, but your implication that crash diets will cause one to 'get' gallstones is not quite correct. It is not known what causes gallstones, but a crash diet may increase your chances of developing problems related to a pre-existing condition of gallstones. In other words, the crash dieter must have already had gallstones - 'silent gallstones' - for the crash dieting to have had an adverse 'gallstone' incident.

    I did go to Med school.

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