Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hyosung's sexy dance is fap material

Yes. Fuck yes.

But there's another reason why I posted this. FUCK YOU BEAST FANS! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Fuck you too MBLAQ fans, but it's the Beast fans that are worse.

YT comments after the cut.

"lee joon & kikwang gonna watch this like a 1000 times"

"Kikwang gonna love this ;) LOLOL."

"if kikwang saw this >-<"

"if only kikwang sees her now"

"Hope Joon sees this!!"

"Wonder what Gikwang and Joon will think when they see this xD"

"i wonder if Kikwang saw this ;D"

"no wonder KiKwang wants her to be his idela girl!! both SEXY`~~"

Can't I watch a fucking Secret/Hyosung video without Beast fangirls always bringing up Kikwang? Yes, we know Kikwang wants to bang the living shit out of Hyosung. So do 90% of the readers here. But we're tired of seeing Kikwang's name in every single Secret video.

But yeah, gonna go rewatch Hyosung's dance about 10 times or so.


  1. lol sometimes, i feel as though this blog is really to have fun with kpop in general. it's more than trying to bring out the truth about certain fangirls.

    there is a lot of opinion by you and others about the groups and members themselves too.

  2. Too many cuts to the crowd and text blocking her fine ass legs. I just want to see her dance damnit

  3. btw, did you post the same dance by hyosung in an earlier post must really like to fap on her.

    but who wouldn't...^_^

  4. @Anon 8:47 She used some of the same moves in the other dance video that was posted.But yeah, Hyosung is great fap material.

    @Anon 8:41 Agree. That's what I hate about Korean variety shows. I don't care about their reactions, I wanna see Hyosung work it.

    @Anon 8:37 We do like to have fun here with some of the posts. It's hard to have fun on regular sites because of all the damn fanwars. People just need to chill out and fap to relieve some stress. Kpop fandom would be much better if people did that instead.

  5. Shit was hot period. Provocative some say... For all of those who do they can go eat a bowl of soggy panda penises for breakfast lunch and dinner. Thank you.

  6. I like how that guy at 1:39 is all unsure whether to clap or not.

  7. Oh well I don't really care. It's clear that those beast's fans who made them seemed real.

  8. Kikwang does not deserve her tbh

  9. ^ and by that i mean she would be too good for him. js

  10. meh, i think hyosung is ugly. definitely not worth fappin

  11. Butterface. Nuff said.

  12. lol the difference being kikwang has a WAY better chance of actually banging her than the 90% here that think she's fucking hot.

    and what the hell mblaq fans? i'm an mblaq fan so stfu and stop making us all seem retarded.

    but all that shit aside, damn hyosung is sexy. and don't care what some of those comments above say cuz she's hot from her head to her toes. even as a female, she's definitely fap material.

  13. ^

    then you have quite low standard

  14. omg let's make this article the most popular on akp!!!

  15. holy fuck, as a Secret (mainly Hyosung) stan, kikwang fangirls are the worst

    i tell them how much i hate them on youtube comments all the time and i usually get death threats

    joon fans aren't as bad generally lol

  16. mblaq have fans? thats a suprise!

  17. @Antikpopfangirl, are you serious when you talk about fapping to these kind of videos?

    I can't imagine how crazy you'd go if Hyosung took her clothes off and started dancing.

  18. ^I'd probably die on the spot... literally in my seat with one hand on the keyboard, and the other in my pants. With of course a smile on my face.

    im sorry Kikwang is ugly and short and snaggletoothed....
    why do girls find him attractive? im not sure://
    Hyosung can find someone without an STD that he got from buttsex he had with a bandmember.

  20. I cant fap to this. The only amusing part was when she danced in front of that old guy, the look who on his pervy face,priceless.

  21. "Oh well I don't really care. It's clear that those beast's fans who made them seemed real."

    I thought this said "those breasts's fans who made them seem real" and I was just like "hmm... no... I'm pretty sure they ARE real..."

  22. butterface...agreed...
    paper bag and she's hot as hell. Plastic surgery did not help her, but I'm not looking at her face so whatever.

  23. i have to say hyosungs sexy dance is the only sexy dance which i really found to be SEXY for a change.

    and for me the delusional OTP-shippers are much more delusional (in a expremely penetrant, annoying way) then the average delusional fan. its all in their heads but they cant accept that...
    god, i hate tumblr for being such a hatchery for them.

  24. Honestly her dance wasn't very good :/
    She was way too stiff and it didn't look sexy at all. She could use a lot of improvement in her dancing.

  25. @Anon 12:30 No, I'm not serious. But the sexy dancing + my imagination can go a long way.

  26. Her dancing ain't that great but she has something most kpop idol ladies don't... an ass and thighs which automatically makes her dance that much sexier.

  27. and you dare calling that sexy ? sorry but it wasn't sexy at all, whoever would work it better than her.

  28. .....her face D:


    Someone find me another link stat! I would do it myself but I have no idea what the content is.

  30. "But there's another reason why I posted this. FUCK YOU BEAST FANS! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Fuck you too MBLAQ fans, but it's the Beast fans that are worse."

    No one is "saying" anything. It is YOU that goes to websites KNOWING what you are going to encounter and then complaining. You clearly aren't a fan so why do this to yourself.

    I don't like TVXQ 1.0 AND definitely not 2.0, SuJu...... or whatever the fuck they call themselves, SNSD....really all of SM and I HATE Kara. So what do I do? For one I don't see any of their videos or bitch and moan about them the way you do.

    The internet is a space for all. There are places I don't want to visit (usually because besides hating the idols I hate their stupid fans as well) so guess what? I DON'T!!!!! You talk about "deluded" a lot but clearly you are the deluded one if you think you can tell thousands to millions of other people what they can say on the internet and who they should and shouldn't like.

    If hundreds (numbers are all over the place)of horny people like or dislike this what is it to you? How will your life change? Korea and subsequently Asia have their own artists, idols, stars or whatever and if THEY like them nothing you say will change that. Europeans and Americans factor very little into this. If you hate it then go listen to what you do like and check out girls......or boys (to each his own) that YOU DO LIKE to your heart's content.

    You know this already though. You know perfectly well and yet you still do this. I say it because your behavior is puzzling NOT because I think you genuinely give a crap about what I have to say or that you'll take my advice.

    Don't be surprised when you die from a heart attack from all the hateful shit you spew.

  31. fuck kikwang!!..he ain't getting any of that!! Hyosung and Kikwang don't even match,,he's too short, changes his ideal type frequently, and he kinda looks dumb sometimes..w/c based from what i knw, is the opposite of Hyosung's type...hmmmm,, Kikwang don't deserve someone like fuck KiSung(kikwang/Hyosung) shippers..LOL, ok, im just being defensive cuz i like Hyosung and dnt want her to end up w/ anyone yet. AND Hyosung is pretty,cute,funny,lovanle,and sexy..there's more to her than boobs and thighs and whatnot!!so fuck of pervs!! hmmpff



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