Saturday, July 26, 2014

Seungyeon Buys An Expensive House

Hammie is ballin' and after making it rain, bought a new house.

1. [+4,773, -71] Stop feeling sorry for someone better off than you. We should feel sorry for fans who got betrayed by DSP because they are suffering from PTSD. Two people voluntarily withdrew from the group and thousands of people can't cope. We should feel sorry for them.

2. [+4,327, -112] I'm jealous of someone who is an entertainer who finds ways to entertain me through different mediums. AND SHE EARNS MONEY FOR IT!

3. [+3,532, -53] Kara still makes money despite our keyboard warrior-ing, so we're doing something wrong. Let's do what we did to Sulli and then we can take Kara down before the new member even gets a chance to promote.

4. [+807, -17] Wow, she's a millionaire, so she has it so easy. This cunt isn't allowed to have any complaints because of how much money she makes. I am allowed to complain about my struggles and enjoy having privacy and not having every action of mine scrutinized. I love being a hypocritical dickwad.

5. [+509, -10] God damn, nigger. I really don't have anything to say.

6. [+429, -71] Oh look at how the capitalist system works. Someone provides a service or offers a product that many people paid for, thus resulting in someone becoming rich. While I act like a sniveling cunt about fans purchasing music and DVDs that resulted in Seungyeon becoming rich, I'll keep buying items like the Galaxy S5 from which I'm typing this message that makes the Lee family of Samsung billionaires.


  1. I see netizens are finally starting their reflection period.

  2. Someone parked on the sidewalk.

    1. The perks of being an idol. So jelly rite now -_~

    2. She learned how to drive from Grand Theft Auto.

  3. Congrats to Hammie!

    Also fuck netizens.

  4. I find your translation much more accurate !

  5. KARA fuck yeah best fucking fi.. eh.. yeah!!!!!

  6. god damn that's a hot picture of Seungyeon

    i can just picture her teasingly raising the hem of her dress, swaying her hips while some Gus Gus plays in the background

  7. Ah, my lovely wife. The house is worth only a tiny fraction of the value of joy she brings to the world. How many spirits have been lifted, how many hearts have been comforted, how many indifferent arms have been encouraged to embrace the beauty of life available, and how many dull moments have been filled with bright wonder because of her work? She earns millions but the world still got a bargain on such a lovely and generous woman sharing the essence of her being so freely to help the world see through the eyes of the human spirit and gain vision of a more lovely potential to manifest.

  8. good for her! I hope she sucks tons of dick in there she deserve it

  9. Smart girl! And she got a fixer-upper building too: she can do it up as she likes and then rent out it out higher.

    Anyone know how if she'll get any tax rebates for repairs?


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