Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekly Showdown: Best Random Collaboration

Last week, I put SNSD's "Lion Heart" against "You Think" for Best Song. The results are in, and, let me just say, it was a REALLY close match. So, with a difference of only a few votes, "Lion Heart" takes the win (the results kept fluctuating, but most of the time, "Lion Heart" had more votes) barely. I guess some people just couldn't forgive that godawful rap break.

Moving on to this week's showdown, I'm gonna put Hyolin X Zico X Paloalto's "Dark Horse" against Rainstone X Brian McKnight X San E X Verbal Jint's "Rainstorm" for Best Random/Unexpected Collaboration.

"Dark Panda" was much better than I expected; however, I'm still gonna have to go with "Rainstorm" because, though very underrated (having around just 100k+ views), it's still one of the highest quality releases of all time. Or that's just my opinion, anyway. I'm really curious as to what the results of this showdown will be since both songs are pretty good in general.

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