Monday, August 24, 2015

Idolic TV continues to impress me with the release of multiple Hello Venus dance practices

The fairly new YouTube channel Idolic TV is continuing to become a favourite of mine. The channel releases content regularly with Japanese and Chinese subtitles as well as English subtitles for all videos, excluding dance practices. It is perfect for when you want a dose of K-pop reality but don't want to sit through 40 minute long videos as the videos are generally no longer than 10 minutes (some outliers). And they recently released not one or two dance practices for Hello Venus' latest release "I'm Ill / I'm Art" but 14.
With these 14 videos, two are group versions, and every member has two camera angles. Half the videos are in "casual" outfits, while the other half are in the music video outfits. And can we just thank whoever put these girls in shorts. This release does have me worried for the "eye contact" special that I was hoping they'd release, though, because neither the T-ara-inspired performance video nor the half assed music video was not cutting it for me. So sadly, I'll have to just replace all hopes of that with these 14 videos ...

So without further rambles, here are the 14 videos:

If these didn't satisfy you, then there's also more dance practice videos on the channel:
BESTie: "Excuse Me,"
MINX: "Love Shake" and
Bastarz (Block B): "Zero for Conduct."



  2. This channel's videos are what made me (shamefully) like that Bastarz song.

    1. Zero For Conduct is great but P.O looks like he doesn't give a shit in the Idolic dance practice.

    2. Yeah, he could use a few Red Bulls in these.

  3. We truly do live in the golden age of fapping.


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