Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why I'm Glad Sulli is out of f(x)

During the height of my busy hours, I'm barely able to keep up with K-pop, and when I find out about something, I'm pretty late. I learned that f(x) was making a comeback this fall...without Sulli, who finally and officially left the group. Good riddance.

I don't actually hate Sulli or anything. I'd let her lick the head of my penis. However, there's a big reason why I can never forgive Sulli. No, it's not because she broke OT5 or any of that retarded shit. It's something much more serious than that.

The horrible thing that Sulli did was cut short the "Red Light" promotions. "Red Light" is the closest f(x) will ever come to having a sexy concept since it is a co-ed group after all.

As many of you know, Victoria is one of my two main waifus (with Han Ye Seul being the other), and while Victoria is always smoking hot, she made my dick rupture during the "Red Light" promotions like Yellowstone will the next time it erupts.

Sulli had to ruin it. She has the determination to jack Choiza off with some tweezers, but can't promote one of the best K-pop songs of all time with Victoria being hot as fuck.

In this performance, the members are wearing black, which allows the female members of the group to wear darker makeup to make them look sexier. It works for Victoria, who is already wearing a short skirt and thigh high socks. It's probably the most fappable she'll ever look on stage as long as Adrian is still in the group.

Next we have this performance in which Victoria is wearing a tight shirt that fits her upper body well and another short skirt. Her makeup looks on point again and is begging to be smeared by my jizz.

Here, the girls are wearing faux-military outfits, and Victoria kind of looks like a dominatrix with those boots. She looks like she's in such control that I'd consider letting her peg me. I'd let Victoria smother my face with her ass, though.

Speaking of ass, Victoria has a nice one. I'd eat it out.

If you can get past Krystal's unnaturally bright blue contacts, you can see an outfit that emphasizes Victoria's legs, and she has some of the best legs in Kpop. I would let Victoria wrap her thighs around my head as I smell her pussy fumes.

All because of Sulli, that's almost all of the f(x) live performances. I could have had six weeks of this instead of only two.

Sulli, although you didn't have any determination in f(x), I hope you have enough determination to dip some tweezers in Astroglide and use it together with a magnifying glass for your boyfriend.


  1. Well, I'm happy I didn't have to hear that complete fucking piece of trash pseudo-music any longer.

    1. Haha, I'm with you man! That song's like apples with beer!

  2. AKF you missed one of the best reasons:
    Now that she's gone, Victoria gets most to all of her lines now which means more front and center positions so you dont have to squint past anyone else as much.

    1. I bet Sulli's lines will mainly go to Krystal, and Victoria will get some of the scraps.

  3. i never liked Sulli. Krystal and Victoria were always my favorite.

  4. My god. You are the freaking funniest pervert ever dude. The pussy fume part cracked me up.

  5. motherfucker!!! if this ain't the black bottom truth. U understand the tragedy we suffered b/c of she who will not be named!

  6. I miss these stages. They were so cool looking.

  7. I'm not mad Sulli left the group. She always wanted to act so her depression about not being able to would just bring down the group. I'm more of a fan of Sulli the actress than Sulli the pretty girl in f(x). Now that Sulli'a gone I hope f(x) has harder dance moves.


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