Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where is Park Bom right now? [#BROKEN]

Now we all know that after the drug scandal and Kemy diss rap yada yada bullshit, Park Bom completely disappeared from the media. So where did she go? Anyone with a normally functioning brain would probably assume she's cooped up at home crying over how miserable her life is.

Unsurprisingly, the #OreoMonsterLogic states otherwise. And so, without any proof or evidence at all (hence legit levels are off the roof), I am about to explain where Bom is and what she is doing right now.

She is obviously training to become a rapper, so she can write a diss rap back to that Kemy bitch. Of course by the time that diss rap is out this whole thing would have blown over and no one would give a flying fuck anymore. 

You thought she was a weakling so she was so hurt that she hid from the cameras? OH HELL NO. This bitch is out to find revenge. So don't worry about her, she's probably hanging out with kewl people like this as we speak.

If you can't comprehend these are supposed to be sunglasses ... you know, because swag and shit ...
(I'm still working on my photoshop skills, so give me a break.)
Looking forward to seeing the new main rapper of 2NE1 (whenever they actually decide to come back) because CL can go fuck herself with her godawful rapping skills. In fact, Bom is gonna be so hip-hop that she's gonna change her stage name to "The Bom." I predict it, so it's gonna come true.

Anyways, I believe you've had your fill of crazy for the day. I suggest you don't venture any further, or you're gonna end up like me. Consider yourself warned. All my best wishes to you to stay sane in this crazy Kpop world.

Park Bom, you have just been #BROKEN. 


  1. I bet she'll rap better than CL ,oh wait everyone can rap better than CL :O

    1. She might even pull a Hyorin and join Unpretty Rapstar 2. That would be interesting.

  2. I'm still waiting for excessively palmary Bom boob shots.

  3. Now if you are building a fan page okay if you're trying to get people to engage with you sentences you know the more you poles 3 want to make sure you're consistently posting so that your fans 010-151 are engaging with you so here is one thing that they have it comes to SADS okay so it's really funny I just SAT and the other day let me serif I can find it I.

  4. She's at Dr. Kim's office getting more surgery.

  5. She's getting an upgrade from the resident YG Tech Department

  6. i can't fathom her looking any scarier than she does now, but she'll probably prove me wrong the next time 2ne1 comes back and she'll have a hoard of new surgeries.

  7. she can put wahtever she wants in her face and she'll still captivate us all with her 8d alien personality. The Bom sounds awesome though


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