Sunday, March 13, 2016

Momo and Kei Eat Jokbal

Momo finally got two of her wishes fulfilled. She got to eat a lot of jokbal while going out on a date with another female. I would not be surprised if Momo told Kei "I want to dip this jokbal into a cup of your pussy juices." KeiMo OTP 2016.


  1. They're really cute on that show. I call them KoKo just because MoKei sounds weird and KeiMo sounds like an exotic animal.

    I still remember Momo saying her favorite Korean food was jokbal on "Sixteen." However I'm pretty sure if she were allowed she probably would say "Jokbal especially when it is dipped in pussy juices, is very delicious."

  2. KeiMo sounds too much like "chemo", unless that was your intention. To chemo the shit out of K-pop.

    1. If chemo gets rid of YG, the true cancer of K-pop, then yes, I'll support K-pop getting chemotherapy.

  3. They both look so cute ! Love you girls ! LOL (Click to see my favorite kpop fan club:

  4. Momo would totally dip the jokbal in Kei's pussy juices....

    AFTER marinating it in Kei's asshole

  5. no lie gaymo strikes again. momo would eat anyhting dipped in pussy juices. fuck this is so gay. love it

  6. 100% momo ate the shit out of kei after this shoot


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