Sunday, March 20, 2016

More Photoshoots of Victoria

Victoria has been doing so many photoshoots lately that even I can't keep up considering Vic is one of the few idols who I try to keep up to date on.

As a devout follower of Qianity, I just love these pictures. There's even more pictures from other photoshoots coming out, but are in comparatively low quality. My eyes to deserve to see the best pictures so that I can have a better time visualizing shooting semen missiles on her.  because LQ pictures suck.


  1. She is so hot.

    Btw when are you reviewing Hyomin's Sketch video?

    1. My review of it is scheduled for tomorrow. I handle the majority of MV reviews now, and I'm busy too. I have to wait for slow weeks where I have enough time to focus and do a lot of MV reviews at once.

    2. Nice! I can't wait to read your opinion on the video tomorrow.

  2. I made a pegging reference elsewhere and was recommended to visit this site. Glad I did. I love Victoria.

    Fourth picture makes me wonder if 'My New Sassy Girl' will not be the travesty many fear it will be...


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