Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #16

Being the last Sunday in March, I'm glad baseball season is around the corner. Then there'll be something else going on aside from Sunday Shitposts.

News Story #1: Amber releases another terrible solo song

This is what, her third or fourth solo track that has been so bad that CL could laugh at her?

News Story #2: Lee Jong Suk doesn't have any of his Korean CFs renewed

I know at least one person doing this dance to this news.

I would believe him if he hadn't bragged about his van. Just saying.

News Story #4: Is The Ark disbanding?


News Story #5: Did LoveUs disband?

Again, who?

So many rookie groups must have debuted from the tail end of 2014 to the summer of 2015 because I had never heard of either of these groups.

News Story #6: Sulli to have a bed scene in her new movie

Sulli da real MVP.

Kim Soo Hyun will have to consult with Choiza on how Sulli likes being jizzed on.

News Story #7: BoA to release albums in both Korea and Japan this year

Hats off to Miles for finding this information. Let's just hope it's true. I think the Japanese album is guaranteed this year because of her 15th anniversary over there.

BoA, listen to my heart and make this news reality.


  1. Yas, less Lee Jong Suk to suffer through!

    1. Aw, I like him. He just picks awful dramas.

  2. i don't know what bed scenes are like in korean movies, but i do remember that dalshabet reject showing tits though

    will sulli deliver the goods? or is it gonna be with clothes on?

    1. We don't know yet, it is often exaggerated for publicity purposes.

    2. I heard she might show her chest, but that could just be rumors.

  3. Amber sure does love her dull songs. Not good, not even bad, just extremely forgettable.

  4. lmfao thats what they get for putting out to many groups though. Someone should tell them to find make an it girl first, then make a crappy group.

  5. CL can't laugh at anybody. All of her solo's have single handily been some of the most disappointing shit to come from music.

  6. I only know The Ark because BTS saw a video of theirs and BTS' fans were freaking out because their oppas wanna smash.

  7. LoveUs was formed from Bob Girls dropouts. Poor girls.

  8. Awww, I actually liked the ark, really cute girls, and INEVITABLE SUDDEN DEATH in their debut PV. Truly a masterpiece of aegyo



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