Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[MV Review] Red Velvet - One of these Nights

For those of you who only enjoy Red Velvet's Red songs, check yourself out the door and go back and listen to something such as "Huff 'n Puff". Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who only the Red songs abhor the Velvet songs.

The problem with this song is that it takes over three minutes for the song's buildup to pay off. You have to ask yourself if this investment is even worth it. For some people, it is, as they enjoy the song building up to that climax. To these people, songs are like sex. You can just insert your dick into a dry-ass vagina. You have to get warmed up first and get go with foreplay. However, for people like me, music is like a first impression. If I am not impressed right away, it's possible, but hard, to overcome that first impression. That is why I like songs with instrumentals I find interesting and songs with a faster pace. If a song has both, then it's gold for me.

That's the issue I have with this song. I looked at the timer and it was at 3:30 before I started even getting into the song, but the climax wasn't even worth sitting through all of that. Hell, I only listened to this song once because I knew a second listening wouldn't change my opinion in the slightest.

I was hoping the visuals would make up for it, especially after all of the great teasers, but even the styling in the MV was a let down.

For me, this song is a total flop and I'll be waiting for their next release. In the meantime, their "The Red" album has a lot of songs I like, so it's better to invest my time listening to that album than to anything from "The Velvet".


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not hearing any either.
      It's just like all the other pop-ballads, terribly boring and generic.

  2. This song doesn't even have a climax, unless you like worthless pop ballads.

  3. " it takes over three minutes for the song's buildup to pay off. You have to ask yourself if this investment is even worth it"

    OK, you're all taken with school and everything, but... this is a kpop blog, FFS!!!iiiiiii!

  4. I love it. I love the album. I love Red Velvet.

  5. The first time i heard it i was like "meh...boring" but like the Red Velvet trash i am the song grew on me alot after watching some of the performances, i can be a sucker for ballads sometimes but this isn't my main cup of tea, Rose Scent Breeze is 10 times better, Cool Hot Sweet Love is amazing and really upbeat too, it still showcases their velvet side well, that should have been the title track.

  6. "Cool Hot Sweet Love" isn't bad, and has a cool choreo. At least "The Velvet" was an EP instead of a full length album, which I hope are reserved for more songs like those on "The Red".

  7. The song is OK. "One of These Nights" and "Light Me Up" were the only ones I liked from The Velvet, but I don't deem anything from the album title track-worthy. And I hate the fact that they put 3 unnecessary 'other' versions of OOTN in the track list when those could've been better songs instead.

    This is their worst 'Velvet' comeback so far. From styling to choreo eveyrthing's just plain fucking awkward. Yeri looks like something has been done to her face (or she's just maturing or whatever). I'm so mad at Wendy's hair. SM's done a great job making Seulgi and Irene look plain as fuck, but definitely succeeded making Joy look like the it girl. (I read a theory somewhere that SM's turning Joy into the next Sulli, lol)

    If the comeback was something like Be Natural or Automatic, I would've found it more acceptable. I mean, no matter how bad the song would've been, all five of them would still look hot dancing in suits.

  8. I'm into different musical styles, so I enjoyed the song, but I thought the De-Capo version on the mini was better suited for their voices than the original. Although I was hoping for something along the lines of a sultry "Be Natural" or "Automatic" clone, I'm not entirely unsatisfied I would say with the product, the girls vocals are on point, the instrumentation is fairly nice, but it doesn't SLAY as some idiots would say. although the mini would've been better if they put at least one "velvet" song that mimicked their older velvet stuff instead of it mostly being ballad filler, at least Cool Hot Sweet Love and Light Me Up were kind of upbeat to fill those gaps… but meh, overall, the red comeback was much more solid. The teaser pictures for this concept were better than The Red, I will say, and so's the MV, they're both great from an aesthetic standpoint, though Wendy's stylist dun fucked her hair up…

  9. I liked this and the album overall. The versions of it on the album are really good too. I think I might like the De-Capo version more than the original:


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