Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #15

This week was dominated by news that I didn't care about, so there was slim pickings about things to write about this week.

News Story #1: Tzuyu set to take middle school graduation exam in China...the Republic of China...Taiwan, there.

Just a friendly reminder that every girl needs a badge attached to her shirt displaying how old she really is.

News Story #2: Fany, Laboum's only fan, is probably excited about Laboum's comeback

This is a group that should probably promote a little more because I barely recognize their names. I seriously had to go to YouTube and search them. I played a song of theirs and said "Oh yeah, I think I reviewed one of their songs two years ago or some shit."

Except they are lying. SinB, especially. How many times was she hit on by the readers here and asked to do a video stream so that she could strip for the readers? I lost count.

News Story #4: Taeng to release full album


New business idea: Collect the tears of Korea's netizens and resell it as lube. Then people can fap to Jessica knowing that netizens' tears are going to a good use for once.


  1. I've never heard of "Beauty Bible", but I hope that means we see Jessica in some hot outfits.

  2. It will be good to see Jessica on Korean TV again.

  3. I'm a Laboum fan too. Fany, I support you!

    1. * Sniff * Thank you, Saki. <3

      And I know there's more of us out there. Laboum fans, hwaiting! Haters can eat a dick, hwaiting!

  4. I'm recently getting into Laboum. Fany Pack, please do make more posts about 'em, thanks


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