Friday, October 18, 2013

Clara wants to play a, "stupid asshole character"

There's a long history of butts and first pitches.

Everyone's favorite person who was shamed off the internet for saying shit that don't make sense made news today for saying shit that makes perfect sense.

AKP summed up the story by saying she wanted to play a dumb, ditzy type character. 
"So far, I did variety programs and dramas, but now I want to try movies . . . I want to try the role of a slightly air headed ditz.  I want to do a role that will entertain people."
I'm pretty sure she's already provided more entertainment without actually trying than she ever purposefully could.

Could that be why she quit "writing to focus more on acting?"

Here's a freebie, send checks to my agent.


  1. Oh my. There's so much irony loaded in Clara's comment.

  2. So basically, a reality show starring herself.

  3. She'll have to be a great actress to pull that off. It's such a stretch from her personality.

  4. is she trying to get picked on ahahahhahahahahahahhaha this girl never fails to amuse me

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  6. Airheads movie reference. damn near close to 30 for sure


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