Monday, February 9, 2015

[MV Review] 4Minute - Crazy

Crazy? What's crazy is me releasing an MV review on the same day it came out.

To be honest, I was completely dreading the upcoming 4Minute comeback because everything since Volume Up has been complete and utter garbage. I had lost faith in Hyuna and Her Girls, because everything CUBE was giving me filled me with revulsion. I mostly blame Brave Brothers for that, but a lot of the blame also goes to whoever was supposed to butter that fucker up to convince him to give 4Minute the good shit because that person obviously didn't do a very good job.

Thankfully, CUBE has realized that Brave Brothers will shit the goddamn bed if he isn't properly compensated so they've decided to use the talents of Seo Jae Woo joined by Big Sancho and Son Young Jin for the lead single this time instead. Seo Jae Woo is fairly well-credentialed if not well-known. He was responsible for tracks like Hyuna's Red (also with Big Sancho) and Ailee's Don't Touch Me, so I for one am glad to see him getting work over Brave Brothers at least. Couldn't find anything on Son Young Jin but whatev.

The song they've given us is really good, and I can say with firm conviction that it's their best offering since Volume Up. Yeah, it's not that hard to take that particular accomplishment home considering how garbage 2013 and 2014 were for them but it's a victory nonetheless. I know it starts off with one of the worst introductions in KPop to date, but give it a chance.

"Yeah, I'm tha FEMALE MONSTA. Ya know dat?"
It starts off with fairly standard fare for 4Minute so far regarding Hyuna's serviceable raps (she's come a long way) and Sohyun's verses, but sorta like where Volume Up shined, it's the pre-chorus anchored by Gayoon that's really excellent material. This is where the instrumental does its work and hypes you up with some good ol' high octane electronic beats and double kick pedal. Maybe it's my lowbrow common denominator taste at work, but that shit really gets my blood pumping. The chorus itself is more evidence of KPop's recent infatuation of trap beats, but whoever made this particular one did an okay job in my opinion. I do wish that it went in harder or did something to make it stand out more from the instrumental used during the verses, but it's aight as is I suppose.

Like many people have noted so far, 4Minute have also managed to shit all over 2NE1's style in this particular comeback. Not that it's particularly hard to do so these days since 2NE1 themselves seem content with sandbagging the shit out of their comebacks, but the point still stands. The general visual impact combined with the song's "EDM + trap" fusion beats smacks of 2NE1's general direction in the last year and a half, but they've done it far better than 2NE1 could have dreamed of while trapped under the musical influence of G-Dragon's left testicle. Let the salty Blackjacks whine about how everyone's copying their "queens," non-Hyuna-only 4Nias can finally dust off their lightsticks and come out of the woodwork.

Jiyoon's rap makes me laugh though. Her nasally tone was used pretty decently throughout, especially with with her little "New York Paris Milano Tokyo London" bit in my opinion, but the overall delivery and impact is equal parts funny and aurally pleasing to me. I dunno what it is, but the lilt of some of her delivery (most particularly in her "London") has a certain je nais se quoi about it that's hard to explain.

Sure wish they styled her better though.
Worst part of the song has to be Jihyun's verse though. I don't know why they decided to throw in such an awkward slow break in the song, especially at the end, but it throws off the pacing and atmosphere of the song until the beat starts setting up the drop. As much as I love Jihyun, that had to be one of the worst excuses to include her in this song. I mean she already doesn't do much except look hot, but to shoehorn her in like that at the end leaves a bad taste in my mouth ALMOST (but not quite) unrelated to how boring her verse was. 

I mean look at it [UPDATED]:
neon naege michyeo naman mitgo
neon naege michyeo bwa
neol naege matgyeo naman mitgo
neol naege matgyeo bwa 
amugeotdo mutji malgo nawa nora
oneulmaneun ttarawa
oneulman nal ttara michin cheokhae
You’re crazy for me, just trust me
Go crazy for me
Trust yourself to me, just trust me
Trust yourself to me 
Don’t ask anything and play with me
Just follow me for today
Just follow me for today and pretend to be crazy
She literally says 12 words 30 words. 12 30!! EDIT: So it's not as bad as 12, but her verse still feels shitty to me... JIHYUN WAS ROBBED OF NOT ONLY QUALITY LYRICS, BUT SCREENTIME TOO. Goddamn it, I waited almost 3 YEARS for more Jihyun and all I got was 23 SECONDS of solo time. 23 FUCKING SECONDS...

I mean she's still really gorgeous and well styled, but STILL.
It's a goddamn travesty. At the very least, we get an... interesting sequence of choreography for her.


The Jiboobies are still as excellent as ever.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be.
I can't really say Jihyun's choreography is the low water mark of the MV either though. Nothing else really stands out as far as technicality or originality goes, but we do get this particular gem that comes from a combination of good angles, cinematography, and choreo as Sohyun literally backs dat ass up into the camera.

I must say, nearly everyone in KPop looks goddamn tragic trying to twerk
I dunno if it's the styling or my mind playing tricks on me after not seeing either of the two in so long, but Sohyun's giving me Minzy (#freeMinzy) vibes in this MV. They're both vocally competent, solid dancers, and the maknae of their respective groups at the very least, so maybe I'm not exactly going off on a limb here. Then again, ass focus aside, Sohyun can't really hold a candle to the Yung Minzy (#freeMinzy). But she sure can try.

Speaking of visuals, mostly everyone manages to look decent in this. Hyuna is as ravishing as ever since she stumbled upon the magic formula of make-up and styling that worked for her in her A Talk solo (look at her hair tho!!), and Jihyun is just perfect in general. Sohyun takes a solid third over Jiyoon because Jiyoon just got screwed over somehow where she usually takes top marks.

Gayoon on the other hand is a straight up trainwreck in most cuts. Whether it's the horrifically ugly set of mom capris, the white bootleggers and Nike sweatband(?!) combo, or the ode to chola fashion, Gayoon just got butchered in every regard.

I don't know what this expression is supposed to convey, but my
guess is forgiveness from all her Hispanic/Latino fans for this travesty.
Speaking of which, is anyone going to raise a stink about cultural appropriation here or are we reserving that particular card for the Black community only?

The song's a certified banger and long-time 4Nias can finally show their faces around the internet again with this one.

  • the song's fantastic
  • Gayoon's pre-chorus slayage
  • Hyuna
  • Jihyun is flawfree
  • Jiyoon's rap makes me laugh
  • booty backing up choreo point
  • tragic twerking
  • chorus could go harder
  • Jihyun's verse sucks
I give this MV a 4/5.
(I also recommend you check out the rest of their mini album which is fairly good throughout. 1절만 하시죠 and Show Me in particular are my favorites aside from Crazy)


  1. I've been going fucking nuts since this came out

    Their last 2 years have been brave sound tragedies

    Crazy strikes this perfect blend of HUH meets Change with more EDM. I actually loved the break and think Jihyun did well on her solo (but I'm biased as fuck) like it fits in that cut away slowly only to have the beat drop hard further emphasising the climax, but that's just my tastes

    Tldr happy to finally show my 4minute fan face in public again.

    1. Also liked her part, also biased as fuck, also agree that a buildup can only go so long without a break. If her part wasn't in there the build up would have been ridiculously long.

    2. Also liked her part, also biased as fuck, also agree that a buildup can only go so long without a break. If her part wasn't in there the build up would have been ridiculously long.

  2. If you couldn't find anything on Son Young-jin, it's because he usually calls himself AstroZ. He's done a bunch of stuff. <-- Helpful

  3. I want to drink milk out of Jihyun's titties.

    Also, I'm glad these girls finally have a good song again.

    1. Jihyun is hot indeed, but most seem to only talk about Hyuna.

    2. Jihyun is LEAGUES above everyone in the group. She and Chrong really carry the entire company visually

    3. "LEAGUES above everyone in the group"

      Titty league? Ok
      Looking like Overbleached C-rate Bollywood star League? Maybe
      Hot look enough for Main Visual League of the WhoreMinute? Fuck No

      Clara maybe deaf Your ears, but Why do you say things as if you were Blind?

  4. Build up in the teaser sounds fucking great, I'm glad it turned out pretty nice too

  5. Not enough Hyuna boobage shown.

    What? "Music"? I don't know what you're talking about!

  6. Chorus is nice but the Shouting needs to go

  7. What's with the bucket hats? Is this a Kpopalypse tribute?

  8. It's not too bad, so it's the best song they've had in a couple years.

  9. I like their other songs better. Tbh I don't really like this song and I think it's still a tragedy. Not hating tho.

  10. I agree almost completely. This is their best song in two years and it's awesome. I'm also glad that I can say I'm a little gay for Jiyoon without having to think about The Songs That Must Not Be Named.

    1. Jiyoon <3 How do you feel about her green hair? I'm glad it's long again

    2. I love the green hair. It looks good.

  11. This comeback is #glorious. The choreography leaves much to be desired. They stole Hello Venus's Wiggle Wiggle point dance and slayed it on another level, though.

  12. Woot, woot, love the timely review. This song would really improve if they cut the Hyuna rap.

  13. The bad:
    Beat is a less flavorful rehash of Red, Gayoons vamp comes in too dry and is too static to properly hype, chorus isn't dirty enough and doesn't hit hard enough, too much 미친 것처럼 when it's not even good, Jiyoon's rap is pathetic compared to when she went off on 오늘 뭐해, overall lack of melody or hook, every thing feels more boxed in than free.

    The good:
    Sohyun's ass and Jihyun's minimalistic bridge (she always gets the goddess bridge part)

    Final verdict:
    The song is trying to be a lot harder than it is, but is more of an excuse for them to dance in the style they chose rather than actually grasping and expressing the feeling they were looking for because there is nothing wild in the feeling here, it's fully constrained. So because it doesn't let the soul loose, it's forgettable and will be quickly forgotten even if it does well now due to their prestige and a present lack of competition. Cold Rain was much better.

  14. I just realized something: Nara from Hello Venus is fucking hot!

    Anyways, back to 4Minute. This song is way too hip-hop/rap-oriented for my liking. Now, as someone who's still relatively new to k-pop, please answer me this question. Has Hyuna always been popular in Korea, or did Koreans only start giving a shit about her after she appeared in "Gangnam Style"?

    1. And yes, I'm well aware that I'm risking being eaten alive by the netizens by asking this question.

    2. Hyuna was popular as one of the original Wonder Girls when they were mega popular at the start, after she broke off for a while, she came back with 4minute which was one of the biggest selling points of the group from the start, and they did very well as rookies, then soon after that she did her first solo which was a smash hit, starred in Invincible Youth which was a smash hit, continued popularity in 4minute releases, and released Bubble Pop which was a super mega international hit and solidified her as an icon. After all that, Psy put her in his video because she was already ridiculously popular.

    3. Thanks for telling me. It sounds like Hyuna's been mega-popular since day one.

  15. Crazy is definitely not terrible but it's not amazing either. Pretty much a worse version of Hyuna's Red. I really don't understand why everyone is jizzing themselves over it.

    Cut It Out and Show Me are good. The instrumental for Tickle^3 is fantastic; song would probably be better without the vocals. Stand Out and Cold Rain are not good.

  16. Why is it black and white? They look like the undead... The video has ample supplies of fapping material, but the song is not for me. Sounds like a broken Hyuna song.

  17. "Speaking of which, is anyone going to raise a stink about cultural appropriation here or are we reserving that particular card for the Black community only?"

    Loved the "shade" here. It looks like I'm the only person who actually liked "What's Your Name" here :'(

  18. Jiyoon is Hot, what the Fuck?

    Lack of Sulli is making me a Fucking Delusional.

  19. What, no allegations of ripping off Knife Party's Boss Mode? How the fuck are we supposed to argue?

    1. exactly!
      Anyway, to me: Jiyoon > Hyun A > Ji Hyun > So Hyun > Gayoon.
      IMHO Gayoon will never be the prettiest in 4minute and she was only truly gorgeous in that 2Yoon MV.

      I seriously wonder if HyunA actually has any FEMALE fans in SKorea.
      Never idolised her, but I prefer her to YoonA (any day!)


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