Friday, February 27, 2015

Rainbow Fans, Stop Worrying About Their Popularity

Rainbow fans during every comeback because all they worry about is music show rankings.
I have been jamming to Rainbow's Black Swan for the past week. I like the song so much that I plan on buying their Innocent mini-album. Everyone in this group is attractive. Yes, everyone.

Yet everywhere I go, fans are complaining that the song isn't good enough and are essentially asking for a B-track of Kara. Fuck that. Trying to emulate the sound of your sister group is only going to work against you. Lame ass kimchi faggots would leave comments such as:

"kukukukuku Those Rainbow sluts are totally copying Kara."

"huhuhuhuhu Rainbow claims to represent the colors of the rainbow but they only represent the color of shit because all they can do is be a shitty clone of Kara."

Sure, Black Swan isn't the type of title track that does well on music shows. However, it's the kind of song that Koreans always clamor for, but you know, never buy to support. It's one of the songs that grows on you the more you listen to it. It's not one of those "bad songs that become good after you listen to them 1,000 times". After the third listen, I grew to really like the song because the chorus really stuck in my head. It's a simple chorus that draws out a vowel per line, but it's effective in becoming catchy. My Korean is only limited to being able to reading Han Hye Jin's name in Korean, but even I'm singing to myself "nal ana juseeeeeeeeeeeeeeyo, nal bada juseeeeeeeeeeeeyo".

There's a lot to like about the song, but a lot of fans are only worried about whether it can make Rainbow more popular. Stop treating K-pop like it's a sport! None of these groups are competing against each other for a championship. It's all a ruse to make fans pay ungodly amount of attention to music shows. When the result of a music show is out of your hands, you are not in a true competition. These groups don't control how popular their songs are, so stop wasting your time on hoping a song is popular. How about you try buying the mini-album if you want to offer any real support to the group. Spamming YouTube and Twitter about how Rainbow should be more popular isn't doing Rainbow any good. 

Everyone in Rainbow is hot. They have a lot of good songs. Now excuse me while I write some fanfics of Rainbow pegging me while listening to their new mini-album in my mom's basement.

Maybe my fantasy of Jisook pegging me with her serial killer look while we talk about video games is more important to me than trying to convince people to listen to Rainbow. I don't give a shit what kimchi faggots on Nate, Naver and Daum say about Rainbow. I don't care about what Koreaboos on Netizen Buzz say about Rainbow. I like the group after listening to Black Swan, and I want to have an orgy with the whole group in my mom's basement. Maybe they can make me a kimchi casserole while we're at it. 


  1. I'd believe you if you told me those were legit netizen comments.

  2. It's hard to not worry about your group's popularity when there are dozens of groups debuting every year and a horrible management company with a track record of disbanding some seriously good groups due to bad decisions one after another.

    Yeah it fuels music shows, but it is the music shows which drive kpop because there isn't another music market which functions like kpop with the best stages and live performances in the world. It's hard to not worry about their popularity cause it is a downward spiral into oblivion.

    Rainbow can't win Fiestar's comeback which has an awesome company who knows to how to use teaser to market and performance events unlike DSP who can't even choose a proper title song. It's not like Rainbow don't have it in their album man, it's just so much wasted potential...

  3. You're right, their popularity isn't important as long as they keep releasing good music. People care way too much about what other people think, but why should that affect your own enjoyment of it?

  4. I don't think Kimchi faggots, as well as Cheesburger faggots and Spaghetti faggots, actually care about music, they only seek validation by talking about the trophies their favourite "team" collected, they're not so different from Juventus Football Club supporters (or any other italian soccer fan).

    1. @suho_ftw; Which country is considered to have Spaghetti as an important part of their cuisine?
      Dude, he even said "Italian" at the end. lol

  5. YoonHye B=============================================>

  6. I've never heard of Rainbow being in any way compared to Kara and I've been following them since Summer 2010.
    From what I've gathered, fans don't care about some music shows, but the actual sales. Especially since they've been missing in action for so long and Blaxx only did mediocre (bad in comparison to the main group).

    Jung Yoon Hye actually has scary as fuck eyes!
    But the others are more or less all pretty.

  7. I'd say music shows are important because that's the best way groups get known and get love calls for CFs and shows in Japan and China.

  8. I don't care about music show because I'm only waiting for Seungah fapcam.

  9. their comeback was MEH... ya all alphabets in caps. M....E....H


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