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Zaku's Bias List

People have been asking me a ton of questions about who I actually like in KPop, and for some reason, you internet strangers actually care about who another internet stranger blogging about KPop enjoys looking at. I'm honestly touched. ;A;

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to throwing together a list of ladies in KPop who are da BEST OF THE BEST. (And before anyone asks, I'm probably not going to put together a list of males unless there's enough demand for one. inb4 Zaku ur so gay lmao)

10. Choa

Like another formerly long haired girl appearing on this list later who had a super great haircut that made her at least a thousand times hotter, AOA's Choa was just one of those blessed by the short-hair gods/goddesses. I didn't particularly like anyone in AOA at their (in my opinion) boring debut, so it wasn't until Like a Cat that I noticed how great Choa is.

Don't get me wrong, she looks pretty solid with long hair too.

I just prefer her in short hair. Other reasons for liking her include her pretty fucking funny faces that are tailor made for lazy meme posts or reaction spam.

She's just ridiculously hot in general okay??

I couldn't find any trace of her on Instagram or Twitter, so no links for you or me. :/

9. Jihyun

Jihyun often gets overlooked by people all the time. She's not the talented one like Jiyoon or Gayoon, she's not the promoted one like Hyuna, and she definitely doesn't try very hard to get her name out there like Sohyun does. At the same time, it's that "I don't give a fuck" attitude that draws me to her.

Just look at that smirk, that smirks says "I'm hot as fuck, what are you going to do about it?"
Yes, she does have the biggest boobs in 4Minute and is a strong contender for best boobs in the biz, but that's just a small facet of the wonder of Jihyun.

She's hilarious if people actually care enough to look for her stuff, but sadly those moments are both few and far between since she's too goddamn lazy to do that variety shit anymore. The last time she was in the public eye solo on variety programs was I believe her stint on The Romantic & Idol (terrible KPop idol version of a speed dating show where they throw idols in a beach house together) in 2012. 2012!! Sure she's done several CFs and dramas and shit like that since then, but cmon man!! I want to see the Nam Ji Bitchface in action...  

Oh well... At least she's going to be on Running Man soon. Pray for Jihyun, it will probably be the most active she's been in ages. EDIT: I was wrong, pls don't bully me.

Follow her on Instagram @missnam90.

8. Jei

Even though I've only been a fan of Fiestar and Jei for a handful of months, she's quickly climbed the ranks of my bias list in no time in part because of my infatuation of her. Seriously, I've not latched onto an idol very often, but she ranks up there in terms of  fast adoptions in my book. 

And no, it's not because of Jei's jeis if you know what I mean.
Admittedly, I've not been able to track down her variety show appearances or hear much about her from the grapevine but I think she just has an "IT factor" that draws your eye to her. The only thing I've heard she's been a part of was the aforementioned The Romantic & Idol back in 2012 and she was allegedly pretty shafted on it. I could be delusional, or simply hypnotized by Jei's jeis, but she's definitely one of the most gorgeous idols in the biz. A shame she's still on the more nugu side of things, but that just means her agency will be more willing to give the saucier choreography to her and Fiestar.

I use this way too often, but I really fucking love this gif.
Okay, so Fiestar's choreo isn't THAT saucy but the fancams are really fucking great. It's better out there for nugu groups these days because of the proliferation and demand for fapcams in Hi-Res. I'm not entirely convinced the big names like Pharkil or Spinel jump aboard these nugu hype trains so readily, but I think they just film who they think is hot on stage at the time while they're waiting for the bigger fish to show up. Works for me, at any rate.

I for one, am super excited for Fiestar's upcoming comeback. From what we've seen and heard teased so far, it seems quite promising. Jei looks SMOKING HOT in her teasers.


But you should never trust a trailer, really. #prayforFiestar

I also worked pretty hard to make this, so you should save it and post it everywhere.
Follow her on her new Instagram @kimjeii

7. Eunjung

I think Eunjung is one of the primary examples of a short haircut completely revitalizing one's image and vaunting oneself into the annals of KPop history. At her debut, Eunjung had standard long hair. Admittedly, due to a combination of semi-terrible styling all around and terrible aegyo concept, everyone looked pretty frumpy... But Eunjung didn't stand out very much. As if Joey Wheeler played his Release Restraint card on her, her haircut in 2009 was the unlocking of her true potential and she's been really fucking hot ever since.

If it weren't for that stupid scandal (curse you lazy Hwayoung!!), T-ara would be really goddamn popular still or at least the circlejerk about bullies and iljin wouldn't be there. Regardless, Eunjung's rice cake stuffing ways means she doesn't give a shit anyway.

I feel like she's one of the few female idols that can throw down and scrap, not least of all because of her black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Seriously, she could probably beat anyone's ass any time of the week. Eunjung happens to have embraced the yoga trend for female idols too, so she could beat your ass with several limbs tied behind her head or something. You'd need the handicap to last more than a minute.

Thankfully, fancammers haven't given up on T-ara yet so we still get great footage of them. God bless your hearts.

Make sure you follow her on Instagram @sweetgirlej

6. Yura

I must admit, I slept on Girl's Day for a very long time because I dismissed them as a bunch of lamo aegyo poppers who only sang about candy, hugs, and oppa. Admittedly, that was 80% of their songs for a long time, but the point is I wasn't a fan until I made a playlist of girl group songs for my friend. She only listened to 2NE1 because she claimed all girl groups were lamo aegyo poppers who only sang about candy, hugs, and oppa, so I was determined to prove her wrong. After stumbling across the phenomenal Nothing Lasts Forever (easily one of the top 3 Girl's Day songs of all time), I was sold and was became a fan of the gal I thought was the hottest in the group. That decision has paid off in spades ever since she "officially" stole my heart in Twinkle Twinkle.

Did you also know that her legs are insured for US $500,000??

You may think she's all sexy and boobies, but she's actually a huge goober with a hideous laugh and ridiculous personality. And really fucking gay for Minah. And Suzy. For everyone. She's just super gay.

Just listen to that bone-chilling cackle and snorting laughter that only a fan could love. Never let anyone -- not a Yura stan, your mom, or Jesus -- forget how funny she is.

Okay I think I failed horribly at telling you why I like her or why she's great, but she just is okay? Like fuck off man... (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

Yura (to my knowledge) doesn't have an Instagram yet, but you can follow her on Twitter @Girls_Day_Yura.

5. Jaekyung

Jaekyung has the dubious honor of being the best member of one of the best groups to never really quite breakthrough into explosive popularity. Although Rainbow's lead singles have mostly been really goddamn good (see A, Mach, Sweet Dream, or the recent Black Swan), they've never really been able to win any awards on music shows or enjoy the benefits of a particularly rabid fandom. When was the last time you heard of a crazy Rainous? For that matter, how many of you realized/remembered that Rainbow's fan club name was Rainous in the first place?

It's really a shame because she's in that odd purgatory of too famous to be nugu but not famous enough to be popular. Not that many people know of her true gifts.

Whether it's because she's naturally talented or because she has so much damn free time on her hands from all the neglect of DSP, Rainbow's Red Ranger has an almost staggeringly broad range of skills and hobbies she has been more than happy to share with us over the years. Her interests range from metalwork, silversmithing, jewelrymaking, drawing, fashion, nail art, dancing, singing, modeling, MCing, photography, cooking, sewing, embroidery, animal husbandry (jk it's just a puppy/dog she has), to TV show hosting... it's probably easier to list what she can't or hasn't done at this point than it is to list what she can do.

Did I mention she's really fucking gorgeous too?
And she knows her angles. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jaekyung is also a sweet gal who cheeses for fancams and fans alike all the time. 

And I don't know if you noticed, but she's kinda busty too. Just putting it out there.

Follow Jaekyung on Instagram @_kimjaekyung_
4. Fei

Ah, the Queen of China herself. Personally, I think she's the hottest member of Miss A hands down (which isn't to say Suzy is ugly but w/e) and it's a shame it took people so long to realize. Sure she wasn't exactly the best styled at their debut, but Fei was in it for the long run. I don't remember exactly when she exploded out of her shell into a blazing fire of fully realized beauty, but my best guess is the Touch era. I don't know whether it was her stylists realizing that the more natural hair colors worked best on her (pls no more awkward blonde) or her stylists finally figuring out how to properly apply her make-up, but it was the start of something special.

From then on, it seemed like Korea paused midstroke in their Suzy circlejerk to notice that Fei is fucking amazing because she finally got lovecalls for CFs and variety show appearances. From Dancing with the Stars to Celebrity Masterchef, Fei had the opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of talents. Maybe not as wide as Jaekyung, but still, who can complain about a beautiful woman who can cook, dance, sing, and run shit like Fei can? And she has a booty + legs to die for.


Follow her on Instagram @ff0427

3. Di

Di is probably the first nugu love I ever had. It feels like yesterday when I was still checking Allkpop for Kpop updates, and I randomly clicked on an article about the impending debut of Rania. Hyped as the third (l0l) coming of Baby VOX, one member immediately piqued my interest. Maybe it was her sly smirk, maybe it was her short hair (short haired girls are so best), but whatever it was... IT WAS DESTINY.

Also for some strange reason, she gets all the lesbian fanservice parts for every song they've had so far. I'm not complaining but it's just a funny note

On a more positive note, I can with 100% confidence say that Rania's discography is/was flawless in every way. Literally every song is amazing, even the slowburns and the ballad-ey jams. Do yourself a favor and pay attention to them with me so they can do more than just look pretty on Instagram and leave the group. I swear the longer it takes them to make a comeback, the more members they shed... Thankfully, Di's too hot to get rid of, even if she doesn't really contribute much else. 

I can't give you much else to work with because all we have are a handful of fancams and selcas...

Follow her on Instagram @daraeda cause she's a selca QUEEN.

2. Yubin

Alright be honest, how many of you still remembered she existed? All 8 of us Yubin stans still light a candle to the Kpop gods to in honor of the miracle that was So Hot era Yubin.

So cute...
She had it all: hotness, quirkiness, aegyo, a sexy husky voice, and she rapped fairly decently for an idol. 

I still kept the faith even when people made fun of her for "putting on weight," when people said she was too fat to stan, too dark to be hot. I called them heathens and downloaded all her pics anyway.

I don't know why this is so small, but I ASSure you it's a great gif.
Then JYP banished her to America, but it was all good because she went through a renaissance so to speak where her hotness went to the next level. I'm glad that Korean fashion magazines recognized her hotness at least. She got endorsements like crazy and it seemed like she was on a new magazine cover every other month. I dunno what's going on with her these days because it seems like Sunye's marriage and Sunmi's return drove all of JYP's other artists into the shadows.

It's hard to find stuff about Yubin these days because most of it has since been taken down by Youtube copyright claims or other random shit like that. If you know of any good stuff, feel free to link it to me. I miss her... #FREEYUBIN

In the meantime, follow her on Instagram @yubstagram88
1. Seohyun

Did you expect anyone else to be #1 after all these years of faithful stanning? C'mon. Since I've answered so many questions on why I like her so much, I'll just copy and paste some of them here.

My love all started when I first got into SNSD and was (like any other initiate into The Faith) looking for a patron saint to guide my path. Most fans picked all the other members and hated on Seohyun because she was perceived as a bookworm with no personality. That was the era when she wasn't the wildly attractive semen demon she is today, she barely had any promotion or solo activities yet. Most of her variety show appearances consisted of her members complaining about how strict she was and about her weird quirks (like listening to nature sounds to relax or watching Keroro cartoons) OR being a generally straightedge kind of goober.

Of course for some strange reason, I fell in love with this "boring," "no-personality" kind of personality cause she was the realest of the real and sucked ass at putting on an idol persona. Her personality is the best because it's the realest of the real. People say her personality is flat and robotic, BUT THAT'S EXACTLY WHY I LIKE HER. 

It's like she's the only sane person in the insane KPop world. She's obviously very intelligent (you probably could not fake her intelligence, she's too well-read and full of weird odds and ends that point to at least a better than average grasp on the world) and a rational person who doesn't take shit from nobody if she can help it (obviously you gotta cede to Korean hierarchy of age and seniority). She's the actually best rapper in SNSD. I find it hilarious to see her try to do aegyo shit to fit in with the pre-established image she thinks idols have to have because she fails so miserably more often than not. Shit, the girl couldn't even wink properly until a couple of years ago, for god's sake.  Best of all, even if it's all an act (the innocent angel that is), I can totally see her as a stuck up mega-bitch or super slut.

I live for any and all instances of Seobitchface and/or Seoslut
She's not perfect by any means. She's got her off days too, and sometimes her airport fashion makes me cry dirty tears of embarrassment for her. Who knows why her cheeks puff up sometimes and sometimes not (lack of proper sleep I presume), but she's still got enough gorgeous beauty, bitch face, and cuteness to pull off a wide range of looks in my opinion. I will admit that her attempts at sexy sometimes come off as constipated though. But she's doing something right because she's Korean conventionally attractive enough to land plenty of endorsement deals and pictorials in fashion magazines. She's so hot, even her own group members molest her on camera.

That being said, it's pretty hard to find fapcams of Seohyun for some reason. I might just be generally terrible at this kind of thing, though. Or people still don't stan for Seohyun like I do... In any case, this performance of Adrenaline with TTS is the hottest thing she's done in a while.

Ok I lied, this is the hottest thing she's done in a while:

The look of  utter nonchalance on her face combined with her exposed collarbone is
just TOO LEWD.
I could probably wax on and on about Seohyun but I must stop here before I get accusations of TL;DR. I probably already will get several "TL;DR, just saved the gifs and fancams for later" comments as it stands... Oh well.

Seosass is best sass.
I made this btw, proliferate it as you will.
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      The fact that at least half of my list are busty is sheer coincidence, I assure you.

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  3. On 4minute's Mr Teacher, group members shared secret annoyances they had with each other. This is what Hyuna said about Jihyun:

    I think you should bump up Jihyun a couple spots.

  4. I get the impression that Jihyun would rather be an actress.

  5. I can't be cared into making a top 10 list there's just too many idols I stan and always in constant change. Still if I were to make one the top 3 would always be the same.
    3. Chorong.
    2. Eunjung
    1. Bomi

  6. My bias list always changes depending on who I'm looking at.

  7. Jei is hot. I didn't know who she was before. Thanks.

  8. Solid list. Two things:
    1. As much as I love Choa's long hair, she needs to stay with the short. So few people look that good with short hair. Keeping her short hair is like a public service.
    2. No, I didn't know the Rainbow fandom was called Rainous. I learned something today.

  9. there is an actress named nam ji hyun will be on running man.. not 4minute nam ji hyun

    1. FACK. I used the Soompi article that didn't include pictures (or used the wrong one)... Damn. Thanks for the tip!!

  10. 1. E-young
    2. Eunjung
    3. Jiyeon / Cyclops Overlord
    4. Nana
    5. Sulli
    6. Nara

    As of right now, these are my only biases.

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  12. My number 1 will always be one of T-ara members because everything they do will piss netizen off for no reason. The second is Horsica for shattering delulu Sone's fantasy that OT9 are forever and ever unbreakable.

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