Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 74

This week's photo comes from Shamica:

Thank you for your submission!


How naive are you, (assumedly) international fangirl? Four of these points are the same goddamn thing. I hate repetitive, ill-informed, presumptuous, and dumbass lists like these. Sweeping generalizations all over the place on this shitty ass photograph. It is not even a long list. It literally has four "points".

"He might be a K-popper": because that is what is most important when looking for a mate - the chance of being the girl/boyfriend to a famous idol.
… who will then leave you for someone more famous and beautiful than yourself.

"They dress better than other boys"
Oh really? Are you positive about that? That ALL have spectacular fashion senses?

Well. At least you got that point right. Look at that sexy beast. The cow socks are really doing it for me.

Choosing someone specifically based on race is literally racist. You, sir/madam, are a racist. Why don't you join the KKK while you are at it, Hitler?

Sweeping generalization alert: Trust me, dating a Korean boy isn't that great. 

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  1. "Made on" this alone qualifies for an STFU

    1. The funny memes are there are all cringe worthy at best. Made by delulus for delulus

    2. tbh even kpopalypse's memes are pretty forceful sometimes lel

      i love you oppar <4

  2. The 20-odd Korean General Public does not really care about KPOP. Some of them hate it.

  3. Positiv racism at its finest.

  4. ur just jealouz cuz they dont want ur d

  5. She said korean "boy", not guy, not man. Which means she's a little girl, and that explains the short attention span, that's why she repeats "he's korean". Logic at its finest, you're welcome to marvel!


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