Friday, August 5, 2016

[MV Review] 9MUSES A - Lip 2 Lip

What is the use of a 9MUSES subunit that doesn't include Hyuna?
One that includes Queen Kyungri, featured here with surprisingly flattering blonde hair.

This MV starts off with a troublingly oldschool-SNSD-style bubblegum beachpop intro. That made me very nervous, especially seeing that the girls were having a cutesy sleepover despite the fact that we all know Kyungri is so nasty. The mere thought of 9MUSES trying aegyo makes me nauseous.

What is this cutesy bullshit

Fortunately, all was soon redeemed by some bass and a lip-shaped couch for the girls to sexily sprawl on. Why do music videos mess with me like this? I've never felt more betrayed than when the beat in AOA's Good Luck switched.

That's more like it
The plot of this video is that Hyemi and Kyungri are on the verge of sexytimes with an ab-laden gentleman. But then, PLOT TWIST, it is revealed that they are dating the same guy! As if any man wouldn't be satisfied with Kyungri.

I am literally incapable of reviewing MVs with no lesbian content
I have to say that the biggest surprise about this video is how great Sojin looks and sounds. Her whispery rap verse added some of the sexiness the song was missing, and I love her with short hair. She looks way sexier and more mature with this haircut, and though it didn't match the faux-innocent concept at all, she still looked bangin (also kinda like Hyuna formerly-of-4Minute? Maybe it's just me). Obviously she is not on the level of rap queen Euaerin, may she rest in peace, but who is? At least she's trying.

Undisputed MVPs
Lip 2 Lip has all the danceable bass/percussion and solid vocals (plus extreme hotness) of any other 9MUSES title track. I found the bridge particularly outstanding, though the ending of the track leaves a lot to be desired. Why the bare instrumentals? Why the random final verse segment? Who knows.

Me after hearing the final 15 seconds of the song
Nothing will ever come close to the Holy 9MUSES Triumvirate of Wild, Gun and Glue. But I can't keep grading new 9MUSES releases on a scale that includes Sera and Euaerin when the group no longer does. Overall, this sounds like a 9MUSES song, and that's a good thing. Let's all be grateful for what Star Empire has given us. 4/5. 


  1. Kyungrisus is giving me life in this MV.

  2. I actually loved the ending. Very unique but the verses are more catvhy than the chorus and hook

  3. Shoot nine muses. Now I have to download this video too. Hot guy, abs, makeup goals, and a catchy beat.

  4. i love the ending. i almost laugh hard when i see hyemi and kyungri found out that they dating same man


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