Saturday, August 13, 2016

SNSD Ruined SM Station

What's new with SNSD? I mean, aside from Tiffany photoshopping Sica out of the 9 Year Anniversary of the Hateful Eight.

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SNSD just refuses to come out with a good song in Korea. At this point, I just have to admire their determination.


  1. I would click on it, but at this point all smiles station tracks leave me with a feeling of molestation, and I don't wanna feel that way again.

  2. Sounds pretty much like one song from each album they've released

    This is all you can expect for SNSD these days, don't even appear in their own MVs any more. Can't interrupt the concert gravy train

  3. Sm station relased enough awful songs to fill up two of my worst of lists. This one is not an exception. I don't get why you wrote that they ruined it, it had to be at least semi-decent project so they'll be able to ruin it.

  4. Momo's Butt PlugAugust 13, 2016 at 11:47 AM

    SNSD should just disband. All I need are Taeyeon solos and Sooyoung and Yuri pictorials and I'll be set for life.

    1. sunny on variety shows too

  5. Is it dry in Kpop right now? That's the only reason I can think as to why AKF is trying to review an SM Station ballad as some way to somehow trash SNSD

  6. I pretty gave up on Girls' Generation after "Mr. Mr." It's not that the song was terrible, but I didn't think it was a song expected from a number one girlgroup. I checked out "You Think", and I haven't looked back since. SNSD has long passed its prime. Unless their music improves, the good thing would be to disband; but as long as fans keep blindly buying anything with their brand on it, that's not gonna happen anytime soon. I just want a girlgroup that actually releases consistently good music to be at SNSD's level of popularity. ☹️

  7. SM Station has been pretty hit-miss ever since its creation.

  8. Hahahaha Tiffany.


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