Sunday, August 14, 2016

suho_ftw's Favorite K-Pop Workout Songs

I had been thinking about doing it for a while so I finally got my gym membership in March and have been going to for 2-3 times a week as well as minor exercises on other days.  So I decided to make a list of my favorite workout songs. These are songs that inspire me to get off my ass or keep going for an extra minute or two so I thought I'd share them. I'm only giving twenty since there are soooooo many songs in k-pop that are suitable for work outs. No particular order either.

KARA - "Step Up"

I think this would be on anyone's work out list. It's fast paced, energetic and the chorus is telling you "Step it up." Do this during some stair lifts (or whatever you call them) - it's very fitting.

Infinite - "The Chaser"

Play this on the treadmill and don't run your ass off. I dare you. 

AOA - "Heart Attack"

Another great treadmill or running song. Very fast paced and the beat is similar to that of well, a heart.

T-ara - "Do You Know Me?"

For some reason, I like listening to this whenever I do sit ups. The actual part that's enjoyable to workout to starts around 3:23.

4Minute - I, My, Me, Mine

Similar to "Do You Know Me" just longer.

BoA - "Eat You Up"

Again, one of those songs that would honestly be in anyone's workout playlist. It just makes you want to get up and be active.

f(x) - "Toy"

A lot of songs from "Pink Tape" could make this list however I chose arguably the most energetic one to make the cut here because it will get you pumping sweat.

Super Junior - "Bonamana"

I am far from a SuJu fan, but "Bonamana" is one of the three or four songs I like by them, not just because it's an ultimate jam but because it gets my lazy ass up and ready. It's a good starter song.

Red Velvet - "Dumb Dumb"

"Dumb Dumb" is also good for the start of the workout. Gets me very pumped, very hyped, keeps me going. It's like the music version of cocaine.

Gain - "Free Will" (Feat. Dok2)

This song is much more jazzy but it's very fast paced and is probably the only good thing with Dok2's name on it.

IU - "Twenty-Three"

I have to be in a mood to play this during a workout but when I do, it really does magic in keeping me on anything for a few extra minutes.

2NE1 - "I Am The Best"

More of a party-banger but still, whenever I need motivation this is the song I play. The chorus is literally "I am the best" repeated over and over.

SHINee - "Dynamite"

SHINee has many songs I like listening to, but "Dynamite" is one of their most overlooked b-sides and it's one hell of a song to workout to so it keeps promo here.

BTS - "Baepsae"/"Try Hard"/"Crow Tit"/"Silver Spoon"/WhateverTheFuckTheirCallingItThisWeek

I didn't want to like this when I first heard it, until I ran to it and now I love it. Go figure.

Sunny Hill - "Midnight Circus"

Excellent for pretty much all gym-related workouts.

Got7 - "Bad Behavior"

Starts off slow but that chorus really gets me going.

KARA - "Pandora"

My favorite KARA song, one of my top 5 favorite kpop songs overall, is also one of my favorite songs to workout to. High energy, high drama, just perfect.

BoA - "Copy&Paste"

BoA makes a ton of good jams that are not also great for dancing, but working out too. "Copy&Paste" is one of those songs that I just feel more confident when working out to.

SNSD  - "Look At Me"

Opinions on IGAB era SNSD range from "FUCKING BEST" to "FUCKING WORST", and yeah going off the song alone, I can see that, however the whole album is chock full of cool songs and "Look At Me" is one of those cool songs. It's like a bolt of electricity compacted into a song.

Girl's Day  - "Female President"

Powerful song all around. A little too screechy at some points but that's one of the staples of a good Girl's Day song.

EXO - "Transformer"

Ending off the intense songs is EXO which, I think is a good place to leave. "Transformer" isn't really as energetic as the other songs but it has marching in it, which offers well for a more toned down workout.

Luna - "Breathe"

This is bonus song. Whenever I'm huffing and puffing after a workout I use this as a "cool down" song. It helps me focus my breathing back into place and is quite soothing to listen to.

I'll end this list off officially here. Again, there are soooooo many other songs I could have included (like G-Friend or Hotshot) but this list would be way too long if I included every single song I thought would be suitable for a workout. Now remember to workout at your own pace, drink plenty of water, and don't believe everything you see on TV. No one truly believes all male idols weigh 60kg and all female idols weigh 45kg anyway.


  1. My favorite is I.O.I's Pick Me, especially during weightlifting.

  2. T-ARA SUGAR FREE ORIGINAL EDIT is top on my playlist

  3. I just need any song to listen to when working out, so that i'm not bored out of my mind. I'm definitely gonna listen to these next time I work out.
    Also I never listen to kpop b-sides because they're all sooooo average but Shinee actually has some good ones. Dynamite is pretty good.

    1. f(x)'s and Red Velvet's b-sides are pretty good, too if you haven't checked them out.

  4. I also like Kara's Step. I especially like how hamster is forced to adjust her short skirt from showing anything or cover herself multiple times.


  6. "Step it Up" is the number one go-to song to workout to.

    Luna's "Free Somebody" is also great too!

  7. Sugar Free was also one of my favs till I got bored of it
    My other favs:
    - All of gfriend's title track except glass bead (MGT, Rough, Navillera), I swear I danced out a few of their moves unintentionally sometimes during my rest time.
    - 'Heart attack'
    - 'Roly Poly'
    - 'On The Road' by DIA
    - 'Lip2lip' by 9Muses A
    - 'Windy Day' by OMG
    - 'My My' by APink
    - 'Ah Yeah' by EXID
    - 'Expectation' and 'Darling' by Girl's Day
    - 'Touch My Body' by SISTAR

    I probably missed out alot more but it's generally those cheerful summer songs. I really liked GFriend's style so yeah that too.

  8. Dude, you got some good choices. Kara has a lot of jams for workout and cool down. There are a few songs I have never heard of on your list, but for the most part. Some top quality workout songs. I am witnessing a theme, faux girl power anthems. Rania Dr Feel Good, is a great default song.

  9. You have fantastic choice for workout music. I think workout playlist should be able to provide Motivation and give enough energy so your workouts feel effortless and you don’t get bored. Eat You Up, Dumb Dumb and Midnight Circus are the songs I already have in my playlists but would love to add some others too from here.


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