Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kpopalypse Monopoly

It's a rainy day indoors with a bunch of your friends who are all k-pop fans, and suddenly the power goes out.  What to do?  Time to forget about the Internet and entertain yourself old-school style with the only board game in the house, Monopoly.


Of course, today's k-pop lovers can't do anything for more than five seconds at a time unless it's related to k-pop somehow, so this post will show you how to customise your Monopoly experience with k-pop fun!  Here's how to set up Kpopalypse Monopoly for that rainy day!

I'm aware that the idea of combining kpop and the Monopoly board game has in fact already been done, with some iterations being really quite good, and some others being reasonably shit (Allkpop cards, eww), but nobody else's version had the same level of music industry nihilism which I think is a requirement for something like this.

Fortunately you don't have to change much to make Kpopalypse Monopoly.  All the rules can stay the same and I'm not going to boringly recap them, they're at this link if you give a fuck.  You'll need a new Monopoly board though, I suggest this layout:

monopoly copy

Print it out and away you go.  If your favourite group isn't included tough shit.  You can always get out your MS Paint and edit the board to include your bias group if you must.

Don't bother making new pieces, just use the existing ones for their hidden k-pop meaning:


You definitely do need new "chance" and "community chest" cards though, so I've given you some new ones that you can print out and keep ready to use.  Here's your 17 "chance (to not flop)" cards that you can substitute for the old "chance" cards:

chance01 chance02 chance03 chance04 chance05 chance06 chance07 chance08 chance09 chance10 chance11 chance12 chance13 chance14 chance15 chance16 chance17
And the game wouldn't be complete without your 17 "Sunny's chest" cards that replace the old "community chest" cards:

chest01 chest02 chest03 chest04 chest05 chest06 chest07 chest08 chest09 chest10 chest11 chest12 chest13 chest14 chest15 chest16 chest17 
The rules of these cards correlate exactly to the original Monopoly cards, so you can substitute these without any gameplay effect.

That's all until next time, so have fun with it and don't forget to play nice... or at least nicer than SNSD!



  1. You got way too much free time on your hands. haha

  2. I've never ever played Monopoly. No time with all these kpop releases...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I miss a card about losing one member of your group for being a bitch and trying to get her to work all her life to the same thing.

  5. I only noticed the "Sunny's CHEST" about halfway through lol. Slow me. xD

  6. I don't get the iron being Sull's domestic bliss. Can someone explain it to me please?
    Overall sounds like fun though.

    1. It's relevant to an upcoming post, which should help.

  7. This is gold. Fuck allkpop version, it's boring.

  8. The In Jail square.
    Omfg I can't.


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