Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Strawberry Milk - OK

Words cannot describe how terrible this song is.

Yup, that just about sums up this song.


  1. if they don't do the lalalalala at the beginning, I think the instrumental is pretty ok (see teaser)

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    1. I never said I'd stop writing. Plus, this site would be dead if I took a two-month hiatus. I simply just stopped visiting social media, forums and sites as often as I used to just so that I could have more time to study.

    2. ...thought she's referring to CP

    3. He's the biggest CP fan I know. Plus, he's referring to this:

  3. girls are 10/10 would milk their strawberries

  4. Seriously?
    I think the song is at least acceptable, unlike most K-Pop released this year.

    1. Sounds like a shitty anime OP from the early 2000s.

    2. That only tells you how shitty 2014 was.

      Ah well, I just think it's not that bad. But that might have to do with me expecting some a pink-tier cutesy trash.
      Though I wouldn't give it more than a 6/10.

    3. You must hate cute songs. Still I agree, fuck these cutesy shit.

    4. Boy, you have no clue how I hate sugary cute shit.
      I'm indifferent to it in MVs (like here), but the songs really should not be that way.

  5. I like it!

    --Andrew S.
    (Or maybe I'm just in too deep as a Popjussi at this point? Who knows?)

  6. The song feels too long and one member can be removed and it still wouldnt affect the song.

    Love the jiggle jiggle choreo at the chorus though <3

  7. This is exactly the kind of shit the Japanese dig, especially them anime fans. Unfortunately, this also reminds me one of the shittier anime out there which is aimed towards the more hardcore type of anime fans. This songs has went seamlessly into my top 10 worst songs of the year.


  8. idk why would someone expect good music coming from crayon pop

    1. I actually was a fan of their stuff before BarBarBar hit huge. Since then, they've tried too many gimmicky things.

      Bing Bing was my jam for a long time.

    2. Bing Bing was the shit. I liked Bar Bar Bar, it was a fun song. After that, meh.

    3. I liked the two OST songs they released this year (Hey MR and Cmon Cmon). "Bing Bing", "Saturday Night" and "Dancing Queen" are all I need in kpop right now.

  9. Shame about the song, but the Heo twins never looked better (and identical) than they do in this mv.

  10. Hopefully Nicole's official solo comeback preparations will cheer you up:

  11. Ok, IDK if the song is terrible w/o the visuals, but I like the MV.

    The bouncy choreo chorus is cute and sexy, the plaid dresses with berets look is FOS (fap on sight), and Way's name on her phat jiggly ass is weapons grade hotness!!!

    I think it's as fun as anything CP has done visually. The song isn't up to Bing Bing Bing, Saturday Night, Dancing Queen, Bar Bar Bar, or Hero, but it isn't as bad as songs released by T-ara or SNSD in 2014 IMO.

  12. yep

      __,,,,、 .,、
                /'゙´,_/'″  . `\
              : ./   i./ ,,..、    ヽ
             . /    /. l, ,!     `,
               .|  .,..‐.、│          .|
               (´゛ ,/ llヽ            |
                ヽ -./ ., lliヽ       .|
                 /'",i" ゙;、 l'ii,''く     .ヽ
             / ...│  ゙l,  l゙゙t, ''ii_    :.!
            : /.._ /    ヽ \\.`゙~''''''"./
            .|-゙ノ/   : ゝ .、 ` .`''←┬゛
              l゙ /.r   ゛ .゙ヒ, .ヽ,   ゙̄|
           . | ./ l      ”'、 .゙ゝ........ん
           l  /     ヽ .`' `、、  .,i゛
           .l|  !    ''''v,    ゙''ー .l、
           |l゙ .il、  .l  .ヽ  .¬---イ
          .ll゙, ./    !            ,!
          .!!...!!   ,,゙''''ー       .|
          l.",!    .リ         |
          l":|    .〜'''      ,. │
          l; :!    .|'"    ...ノ,゙./ │
          l: l「    !    . ゙゙̄ /  !
          .| .|    !     ,i│  |
          :! .l.    }    ,i'./    |
          :! .|    :|    . /     .|
          :! |    ;!   "      .|
          :! !    │        │
          :!:|               ,! i ,!
          :! ,    .l,      / .l゙ !
          :! |    , l.     | .|  :,
        : v'" .!    |'i .ヽ,    ./ :!  .ヽ
     _, _/  /     .l  ゛ ._/ :l゙    .`゙"

  13. i like CP enough but their fans are fucking insane. not just here but everywhere. it'd be funny if i weren't afraid they had the potential to be suicide bombers

  14. I love the dancing much better than Bar Bar Bar. I thought that the choreo in the live press performance was great.

  15. The twins are my favorite members, but this song is fucking shit.


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