Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stellar - Mask

I had no idea Stellar released another song until very recently, which makes me regret writing this review so late.

Stellar continues right where it left off with "Marionette," which means a great track produced by Sweetune overshadowed by all the fap material showcased in the MV. It's honestly such a shame Sweetune has barely done anything this year, with Kara jumping ship to join the Duble Sidekick bandwagon and Nine Muses...becoming Six Muses.

(Is that big enough for you guys to read all of it?)

We've beaten this discussion to death already, but I really hate it when popular groups, who have manufactured, are deemed original while nugu groups, who are also manufactured, are deemed to just follow the trend with sexy and/or cute concepts.

I guess it's just too much for fangirls to enjoy a sexy MV and a good song at the same time. I was one of two Stellar fans before "Marionette" came out this year, so of course Stellar is going to continue their sexy concept as no one paid attention to them before this year.

I was there when "Rocket Girl" came out, ready to stan the shit out of these girls...before I listened to the song. Gayoung had a supporting role in Spy Myung Wol before Stellar officially debuted, so I've been following these girls for three years, and if this is how they have to earn their living, then so be it. It's not like they are against the concept.

I enjoy the direction Stellar is going musically, and I hope Sweetune brings their A game for Stellar's next single. It's not as if they can use the "We're saving our best shit for Kara" excuse any longer.


  1. I can tell from the picture of a shirtless Xiumin(?) that she is fully against sexualisation of any kind.

  2. I remember you writing about Rocket Girl. At least I think you wrote an article about it, right?

    That's an interesting show you linked there.

  3. Thumbnail

    they intended that to be a thumbnail too, because you need to edit the "official" banner on top left of the image.

  4. EXPLOITATION!! WOW what a bunch of WHORES!! SNSD is the ONLY girl group who haven't done a sexy concept because I've completely forgotten about Genie, Run Devil Run, The Boys, Paparazzi and Flower Power!!!!!!!!!

  5. This song is great, I like it just as much as Marionette, maybe a bit better. Btw 4L got 4.000.000 views in just two months, I doubt any other nugu/rookie group will ever top that. They're the PSY of nugudom.

  6. I loved this song. I thought Marionette was okay but this song is the one that gets repeated multiple times. I was surprised many people disliked the video, since the way it was shot was great it had some great cinematography and angles!

  7. Apparently Min Hee has done something so terrible that everyone just wanna eat her so bad =P

  8. Stellar actually showed more skin in Study, which was a cute concept.


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