Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[MV Review] Spica.S - Give Your Love

UCAADs, I am on a roll. Eleven straight articles and I'm surprised I'm still awake considering some of the shitty songs I have had to listen to.

I had really high hopes for this subgroup. Once I learned that the main vocalist (Boa) was to have her solo debut, I was hoping that the subunit would have a jam for a song,


It's a trashy R&B song that is all about vocal wanking. Granted, the instrumental actually becomes interesting enough to listen to part way through the song when more instrumentals are added, but the beat is so monotonous.

This shit is really no different from what Spica does on a musical level, which makes me wonder why this subunit was formed in the first place. Did management not think Boa was fapworthy when Spica.S was assigned a sexy concept?

Some may say her eyes look weird as shit, and I probably would 99 out of 100 days, but it sets her apart. I wouldn't say that is enough to rule her out of a sexy concept.

No. I know the true reason. It's the "I Did It" MV.

Knowing full well that people can't fap to girls who look like they just got a spray tan to look like an orange alien, Boa was removed from this subunit.


  1. surprised koreans did not warm up to it considering there's so much ''vocal wanking'' to fap to.........

  2. Eh I think it sounds pretty good, I mean not your usual empty R&B snorefest

  3. It's pretty much what he's given AOA but a bit slower and with more vocal wank.

  4. The only decent part was the Pre-Chorus.

  5. Is AKF dismissing what makes KPOP popular?

  6. Can't explain why I like the song, but I do *shrug*

    1. What is not to love? For me it's Brave Sound + Sexy Office Ladies + R&B. I may have different tastes but this was what put KPOP on the map and I will be damned if anyone dare bitches about the drive that makes KPOP stand above it's rival nowadays.


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