Sunday, June 28, 2015

BTS do a 180 from 'I Need U' MV-wise with follow-up promotion music video: 'Dope'

BTS is back with the follow-up promotion for their recent mini-album, "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1." And while I was hoping for a "Fun Boyz" music video, they at least came back with one of the better songs off the album (Suga's intro already has a video, "I Need U" is the title, and "Fun Boyz" was promoted alongside "I Need U").

"Dope," music video-wise, is completely different from "I Need U." Instead of focusing on a "story" or "drama," the boys enjoy themselves. As is the usual for BTS, this is a "box," cheap MV, as all of Big Hit's money was spent making the title track's music video.
and now. "I Need U" (and original) v. "Dope" (or "Sick," whatever its English name is)

While "Attack of Bangtan/Rise of Bangtan" doesn't have an MV, it was still a follow-up promotion to "N.O" in its own right. And yes, generally, you could say the follow-up songs all have some form of storyline, but it is very minimal. And I really like the way BTS does this, especially with the last two comebacks. They present a more "serious" video first, followed by a laid-back one in which the boys can be seen having legitimate fun — something you don't often see in guy group music videos.

"Dope" lives up to my expectations. BTS is my favourite group, so I find it difficult to find fault with them. Other than the obvious cheap set and the odd occasion of bad editing:

Look at the back of V: the bars in the background. Are you seriously going to tell me that's not a random transparent image from the Internet conveniently placed and given shadows to make it look more "realistic"?

Also "Keine Profite Mit De Miete" in the background of one of the long group shots ... What? Why is it German (I'm guessing it's German because the Es are accented). Google Translate (the most reliable thing in the world) says it means "No profit without the rent."

I don't understand to be honest. The song is about hard work — but what does rent have to do with it? It could mean something like "No reward without working" in which case, I completely understand. But it still leaves the odd question of why it's in German (probably a marketing ploy or something).

Another fault I have with the MV isn't the MV in particular but the choreo when Rap Monster raps and Suga comes in behind him. (Other than the fact it still sounds like him professing his love for anime)

Who even thought this was a good move? Like, Jimin (red hair) is just going insane. The poor boys have to jump down, then quarter up, then half up, then another jump to up fully. Have you not seen the rest of the choreo? Man, it's intense already. And it just looks stupid.

But mad props to whomever let Jimin do this other than the fact he was half lip-syncing to Kookie's part. Why? No. Jimin, please don't take Jungkook screen time away from me. And thanks for putting Jimin in a suit:

And Suga in some form of uniform:

And Jungkook in general:


That is all.

While I enjoy the music video, it is a follow-up promotion to a song that I have listened to almost 100 times already, as it was an already released song. And unlike "War of Hormone," this song just isn't good enough to make me want to watch the music video 50 times in a row. But I will keep up with the live stages, because they are performing in suits. And I happen to have a soft spot for suits.

Everything is good in the world. There's like a million girl groups about to/have already released their comebacks, and BTS is thriving. I will patiently wait a week or so for the dance practice video; it will be great. 


  1. Keine Profite mit der Miete is a German social justice movement against the exploitation of tenants by unscrupulous landlords and the lack of availability of fairly priced housing.

    I guess a staff member saw the slogan on a news report and randomly decided to use it? lol

  2. I suspected you were a BTS fan the moment I saw your username!

    The best part of the song is that sax riff for me, especially since the instrumental picks up. I'm digging the red hair on my biases. First G Dragon and now Jimin, it's like when a crap tone of idols got blue hair in 2012.

    1. Kookie is life. But Jimin doesn't pull of the red hair as well as he could, maybe if it was a tad darker I'd like it more - G-dragon surprisingly does pull it off well though - I'm hoping some of the girls in the industry go bright red now. & I really like the song, but as I mentioned, I had already listened to it a lot when it was released along side the album so I'm a bit sick of it.

    2. Krystal, Bom, and Hyuna should all go back to red.

  3. I like this song because of funky saxaphone but i need u was boring tbh

  4. I would give Jimin a red sock
    That's the only thing I can really say about this

  5. Also this is a much more fappable MV:

    1. Don't tell me you didn't furiously fap to jimin in a suit and them humping the air

  6. BTS's "I Need You" had a good music.. Lyrics not that good tho...And i never listen to boy bands, just overheard it on Arirang channel which broadcasts in my country

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  8. I also love Jung Kook. He is my bias but I do like Jin a lot too. But heck I love them all their all beautiful!

  9. I also love Jung Kook. He is my bias but I do like Jin a lot too. But heck I love them all their all beautiful!


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