Friday, June 5, 2015

Over the Top Music Video analysis: Speed - "What U"

Speed is back after a year hiatus without Zico's big brother. They apparently have an advertising deal to promote some fantastic shoes (because that is the only realistic reason for using shoes made for 3 year olds). Other than that, the music video is here to teach us some new lessons.

For starters, this music video has taught me that I am hanging with my 'squad' all wrong, like someone please buy me those sweet as kicks.

Anyway, the song is pretty decent for the group's standards, but who is watching MVs for the song? Speed is encouraging everyone to get on their ultimate lady killer kicks with their crew and then stalk a girl. Seems stalking is a new favourite concept in the K-pop world, and I love it.

The only true way to show you love someone is to break into their house and stroke their face
I personally think this is the sweetest thing since Twilight. The only thing better would be to stalk me down the street *swoon*.

It's just so romantic! Honestly, I would fall so hard for a guy who stared at me like I was some form of prey. Yes, you heard it here folks, girls love to be stalked, a lot, and continuously.

I've actually been wrong this entire music video: They've actually just killed her and then went to a skate park with their Heelys because they are the coolest kids ever.

Either way, Speed is trying to tell you to get Heelys because Heelys mean you can chase after any girl/boy you want. Murder them maybe, or just stalk them. You will become the coolest person known to man, and anyway, all the girls and boys will flock to you. Heely's will become big again, because this barely known group is bringing it back with their sinister pop song. Everyone will have to pay attention to this. Speed will get $1 for each purchase of Heelys, whenever they actually sell their shoes - and Speed will become the next Big Bang, I predict it. And my predictions are all perfect and legit.

Just for anyone who didn't pick up on it.


  1. SPEED used to have good songs. This is beyond terrible.

    1. Agreed. They used to be one of my favorite boybands but lately their music seems to have lost its touch. Still love the guy who does all the acrobatics during their live performances, tho x3

  2. Apparently Zico's brother is one of their managers now. I am deeply confused.

  3. Loved their circus themed song before.

    Also , never heard of heely here in the philippines.
    Can someone give some info ? I cant see their shoes coz im using a cheapcandroid phone

    1. Shoes with wheels in the heels so you can do some bad version of skating.

  4. Heelys was the "it thing" back when I was eight. Used to skate around Emirates Mall cause walking was too 2007. Now I see how much of a loser I looked like. Brings back memories.


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