Sunday, June 7, 2015

TRUFAX: G-Dragon is C-R-A-Z-Y

For some time now, BIGBANG has been making their comeback to the k-pop scene after a long hiatus… And if their first two songs could be called mediocre, the same can’t be said about the third release, “Bang Bang Bang”. Why is it so bad? One simple reason: GD.

Two randomly chosen opinions about the latest song and GD's influence on it.

Everyone agrees that GD is pretty much an escapee from the loony bin but no one really agrees why… First of all, try to listen to his “best” song while reading this post:

Many I-Netz think it's his fashion sense:

Exibit 1:
Here he looks like a poor, ugly and old Vietnamese prostitute.

Exibit 2:
Now I understand how Bobby can believe that not showering is heep hap since GD must be his "mentor" in thug life.

Exibit 3:
There so much wrong with this styling that I even don't know where to start.

Exibit 4:
The Last Mohican is going thourgh his EMO period and is too poor to buy a new jacket.
Exibit 5:
The infamous "Wakame Hair".
I must say that all of those arguments are somewhat valid but people just mistook effect with cause.

Then why is GD crazy and what is his illness (other than being a megalomaniac)?

For those of you who are lazy fucks here’s the short answer: GD has schizophrenia and split personality.

If you are still reading I salute you, brave tenacious soldier! Now it’s time for a bit more detailed explanation.

We all know that in a certain song GD's part is, “I hate this Love Song” but this is a bit ironic since this song is a frickin LOVE SONG.

First, let’s check how many songs GD has:

The answer is 33 (well I could fuck up counting a bit since I dropped out of technical university, but for now let’s all agree that this is the correct number) and how many of them are, “love songs”?


That means 61% of his solo songs are, “love songs” (well it would be 64% if we count, "Crooked" as a “love song”) and when they aren’t, “love songs” I would still call some of them, “love songs” because GD thinks he is frickin Narcissus and they are all about himself , "Korean Dream”, “You Do”, “One of a Kind”, “A Boy”, “The Leaders”) so the can be considered worship songs for himself (remember that he has split personality so it is expected).

So what’s the deal with schizophrenia and split personality? Long story short:
  • Split personality: there are two GDs, one that hates “love songs” and one that loves them, loves writing them and loves making “others” sing them. So one GD, let’s call him “GD Love” makes all of those shitty “love songs” and then like a typical sadist makes the other (let’s call this one “Hate GD”) one sing them so that’s why we have this iconic line “I hate this love song”
  • Schizophrenia: GD is simply insane, no one normal could make songs like that and stay sane, not to mention those legendary lyrics:

Michi GO:
Today I’m MichiGO (Michi = Crazy)
Today I’m MichiGO
Today I’m MichiGO
Today I wanna GO crazy~”

Who am I? Where am I?

“Swag check swag check
Head shoulders knees and toes
Swag check swag check”

„Why so serious?
Get your crayon Get your crayon Get your cray Get your crayon
Get your crayon Get your crayon Get your cray Get your
Why so serious?
Come on girls Come on boys Come on come on Get your crayon crayon Come on girls Come on
boys Come on come on Get your crayon crayon
Head shoulders knees and toes swag”

“My credit card is black, just use it infinitely,
This music is crack, spin the track infinitely.
To all people who lost their sense, I’m a persimmon tree”

Would you call someone who wrote those lyrics a “sane” person? 

This concludes my case.


  1. GD - ruining music since 2012 (the time he started releasing utter crap)

  2. Ignorance is bliss people!

    I've avoided listening to any of VD and co's songs and my ears thank me for it each and every day.

  3. It sucks buttcrack that G.D ruined what could have been a great song (Bang x3). However, I would be lying if I said the 'bi-ang bi-ang bi-ang' part where he sounded like he was high af wasn't amusing.

  4. Oh, I loved that phoreminute song! Never given a flying efff about Big Bang and GD, happy to know I'm not missing out on much.

  5. I still think that G-Dragon is a lie. It looks like YG have taken this guy and attempted to present him as a Renaissance Man whilst writing and composing all of his songs for him and picking out all his clothes for him. If we had other evidence other than his music that he was insane then it could be plausible that he is independant, but to me he just seems like an obediant dog who does everything YG tells him. No hate tho, I'm he seems like a great guy

    1. I'm sure a lot of artist follow rule by their boss. just like you take order from your boss. so I don't get why you freaken compare him to a dog when yourself is one. Jealous to the max.

  6. A bunch of loser who are jealous and got nothing to do beside hating.

    1. i am fucking support you. these guys dont know how to appreciate people. these losers for sure dont know gd well and making hates about him without facts. lol losers, why dont you guys try making some songs and let the world judge your song? then you will know how hurt people being hated

  7. How funny, as a classically trained symphony and jazz harpist, I have known so many musicians in my field who survive with manic and bi polar disorders and schizophrenia is more common in artists than other people. It certainly does not discredit ones talent. Mozart was thought to be schizophrenic as were many others. Perhaps your opinion is just that, an opinion, and you should leave the actual reviews to the professionals who know how to write,read and perform music as well as leave the psych evaluations to a psychiatrist. This is quite abelist for someone who apparently disagrees with the right wing.


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