Sunday, June 7, 2015

POSITIVE post - Kim Hyun Joong

Kpopalypse is back with another POSITIVE post!  Lots of people complain that Kpopalypse is too insulting and condescending, so there's no time like the present to turn over a new POSITIVE leaf once again!

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This post is all about acknowledging and celebrating the wonderful qualities of Kim Hyun Joong... but it's also about more than that!  Kpopalypse is going to do something extra-special to help improve the quality of his life, let's read on and find out what it is!

Of course the only way to get this POSITIVE post started is with a lovely picture of Korean singer and actor Kim Hyung Joong.


Gosh, what a nice-looking young man.  Have you seen a man this attractive recently?  Probably not.  Here is Kim Hyun Joong's old k-pop group, SS501.


SS501 did quite well for themselves over the years, and became a very popular group.  Kim Hyun Joong was able to afford a deposit on this house due to his music success with SS501 and also later on as a solo artist - wow!


Now that wouldn't be cheap!  He is clearly very popular and successful to afford to buy a big place like that.  Everyone must obviously love and support him.


Wow, look at the dedication of those fans.  It must be Kim Hyun Joong's sweet personality that attracts such devotion.  Here's a picture of Kim Hyun Joong welcoming some nice camerapeople to his abode.


He seems like such a smiling happy chap!  Wouldn't you want to spend time with someone with such a nice welcoming face?  But look out because he can be moody too.


Gosh, what a stare, something must have really upset him when that photo was taken.  Or maybe he's drawing on his incredible acting talents, refined from his many years working in Korean dramas.


Here he is holding his jaw, like he's just been in a fight or something, or maybe in fact he's got the back of his palm up because he's ready to slap someone.  I'm sure this would never happen in reality and he's just tapping into his amazing skills as an actor though.


It takes true acting talent to look this threatening when you're really so nice.  But wait... what are the following photos all about?


These are pictures of Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend.  It seems like she's been collecting some nasty bruises lately - that's no good!


How is she getting hurt so badly?  We know for sure that it's not Kim Hyun Joong's fault because he's such a nice man and would never do anything to hurt her - so what could it be?


A quick look inside Kim Hyun Joong's house and all is explained.  Look at those coffee tables.  They seem to have really sharp edges.  Anybody could easily fall and bruise themselves on those.  However as Kim Hyun Joong now has a hefty mortgage on this amazing house, I'm sure that he can't just go around buying new furniture at a whim just because his girlfriend is a little bit clumsy every now and then.  Of course, it's not her fault that she's clumsy either, so let's not be hating on her and instead put the responsibility where it belongs - his agency.  This is really something that KeyEast Entertainment should be footing the bill for - they can afford all those fancy music videos, so why not a simple coffee table?

Click the picture of Kim Hyun Joong below to sign the petition!

Together, we can take a stand against non OHS&W-compliant furniture!  Let's do it for Kim Hyung Joong!
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  1. Replies
    1. Spending all that money on lawyers cut into the furniture budget.

  2. I still can't get over how hilariously obvious his plastic surgery is. These pictures look like two completly different peoe. I'm not complaining though. He was so hideous before that he could've been a member of EXO.

    1. This is a positive post, only positive vibes here, man.

  3. I have gone through the violence of sharp-edged coffee tables all my life, so I exactly know how it feels. This is a real issue, my friends!

  4. Yes, sign the petition everyone!'s server has stopped crashing now so it should work.

  5. He is SOOO handsome!!! Click on the pictures to see them enlarged and fully appreciate his true charm. His looks truly are striking.

    1. I added that feature for the KHJ fans who wanted a closer look.

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  7. The amount of sarcasm in this post is astronomical

  8. I like the trolling style of writing you have because its fun to read but i hate all the YES FAP ALL DAY posts because its boring and repeptitive

  9. Be a coffee table changer, not a coffee filter changer.

  10. "He's too pretentious and aggressive."

    Say whattttt?

  11. He's gorgeous, and looks like such a great guy.

  12. you know, sometimes you've just got to smack a bitch

    not saying that he did

    but if he did, he'd be fully justified

    1. KHJ please don't waste time on the mess hall net cafe don't you have army training to do?

  13. Dear lord that petition is both genius and hilarious.


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