Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's Talk - Introduction

Hello readers of AKF/FISHies! It's been quite a while since I've last updated on the blog, and as a result, I feel as if as a sort of compensation, I would make a entirely new section of the blog called 'Let's Talk'.

On my individual blog, I have a section like this as well (though written quite a while ago and a different concept) with the same title, albeit the main reason people come to my blog seems to be for other reasons... 

I love you

The main goal of this section is to cover things that are going on in the k-pop world based on what you, the readers, want to be covered.

This is going to work in two fashions:

  1. After each of these posts, the comments section will be a way to express your own opinions and discuss your feelings on the topic at hand amongst other readers of the blog or with me. It will also be a way to request topics that you think you want covered (be it an issue regarding an idol/company, MV/album review, or anything else relating to k-pop). Your request will then be answered based on my own knowledge and opinions, and possibly end with a question to ask the audience.
  2. If you feel as if your question is not fit enough to grant a full-length article or you have something random on mind that you want to ask me (personal questions or things along the lines of that), you can leave your questions at my However, if I find that your question is good enough or causes enough thought to make a full article on, I will probably take your question and write a response in the form of an article. Things that are related to k-pop will go straight to the AKF blog, while things regarding either myself or things other than k-pop (ex: my opinions on social matters or possibly even relationship advice) will go to my personal blog. So if your question doesn't get answered immediately, I'm probably working on an article based on your question or I just haven't gotten the time to check my ask box for a while.
Now, you may still be a bit confused as to what to ask, but here are a few things about me to help you with that: I'm female, I'm mostly into female groups, I enjoy jazz-inspired k-pop songs quite a bit, I watch k-dramas every once in a while, and I can't stand exotics. (You can read more about me in the comments section of this post, if you're interested) I'm also very vocal about my opinions and I'm not afraid to say something is crap even if the general crowd sees otherwise. (Michi Go. I still can't get over how bad that song is.) 

So do you have a burning question that you want to be answered, but you feel as if there's nobody that you can ask without being stared at strangely? Fear not! I will answer your questions/fill your requests to the best of my abilities, and if you happen to have a few questions, don't be shy to ask them all at once, though they may be separated into individual articles.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have some work to do.


  1. what is it that makes women more aggressive and obsessive when it comes to male celebrities vs men to female celebs? granted some men are also like that but i have never seen the "MASS" effect of crazy fans when you compare women to men regardless of where you are. ex. kpop boy groups, bieber, one direction, even going back to old school bsb and nsync. boys just naturally seem to not do crazy stuff like chasing after you ,sneaking into hotels,spending hours text voting and things of that nature.

    1. This makes sense because men have never been known to attack each other or women, not mentally, not physically, and certainly not on a massive scale involving millions dead? Men never slut-shame, right? Never have burned women at the stake for being sluts?

      ... oh, right.

      In fact, thinking about this has just about convinced me it is men who should be subjugated for "they're" own good.

    2. I didn't even understand half of the shit you wrote, vipa567.

    3. I will try to forget the first answer because it's facepalmic.

      I don't really know the answer to your question but this is my opinion. First, i read somewhere many times that there are a lot more of fangirls than fanboys, so there's more noise and if you're psychopathic you would think there's more competition for your oppa. Second, many girls are told by mass media to look obsessively for the love of their prince between other things. This disappear in more mature girls when they face reality, but take root on adolescents. Third, it may be the only moment they have to behave this way, while us (men) can behave like this (not that isn't wrong, but it's accepted). Women are traditionally on the receiving end of a relationship. Men are usually the ones who try to score or hook up while women are the ones to accept or reject the relationship. So chasing oppa is freedom, i guess.

  2. I will like to see you cover the sheer thirst of the recent sexy concepts by female groups. One thing that is rather disappointing is how secret garden like somd of the newer groups sexy concepts are while boy bands are still allowed to have arm candy

  3. Well, now i don't know what to talk about but i will try to pass to here more times. So, what the fuck is a starship? No, seriously this time. This could be seen as more personal but depends on how you answer it. You said that you're a woman who likes girl groups. But everybody knows that girl groups are made to appeal to men, they don't have any creative output (yes, i know male group don't have it also, that's not the point) and they are told to behave in a way that could be uncomfortable for many girls (yes, I know it's a performance and that they do what they're told).

    So, why do you think you(and all other fangirls) like female groups?

  4. All of your questions will be answered in next week's edition on the subject of 'Male vs. Female Groups' (to be released on Wednesday).

  5. WTFisastarship < Best ID name ever

    1. Hehe, thank you. ♥ Maybe one day I'll make an article covering the origin of my name.

  6. Replies
    1. Hands up and touch the sky~ If Nicki says so, it shall be.


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