Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Throwback Time!

Because nothing has really happened in K-pop land lately and I usually don't pay attention unless it's that interesting anyway, let's just listen to an old song together. Now, based on past mistakes, you shouldn't trust any video that I post, but I'm just going to assure you know that this one won't put you in a coma or mentally scar you.

Because the Cyclops Overlord is releasing her solo soon and it's supposed to be a modern version of Park Ji Yoon's Adult/Coming-of-Age Ceremony, let's sit back and enjoy the original.

If that old video isn't your thing, here's the 9Muses version of it.

And for some people who can't take Park Ji Yoon's high voice and/or don't like the amazing fap material offered above, here is Jiyoon from Pominit to satisfy you.

I aim to appeal to a diverse demographic of readers, so for those unsatisfied ones here is a video of Onew performing it in falsetto. Thank me later.

There. Now this will be stuck in your head all day.


  1. You missed the greatest/most mentally scarring adult ceremony of all time ... of ALL time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDA46WKrJf8

    1. i refused to listen to infinite's music for the longest time because i saw sungjong sing "magic girl" in drag and it terrified me

    2. Sungjong does tend to have a terrifying effect on people...

    3. Still not as terrifying as 2Sung performing Trouble Maker.

  2. *Onew singing Adult Ceremony*

    I came...

  3. Something is Adult ceremony 2.0 too.

  4. Onew!!!! So sexy <3
    You left out *cough cough* Girl's Day *cough cough* Something.

  5. onew is so easy to like, too bad he seems to be getting sick of the idol thing


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