Monday, February 15, 2016

[Double MV Review] Cyndi Wang - BFF + A Woman's Prayer

Cyndi Wang recently came out with a new album and I happened to like both of the pop songs she made MVs for.

The first one is literally translated as "A Woman's Prayer," but I would assume the English title would be "Make A Wish". The song is fairly solid, as it is an EDM track. This is one of the few songs where the verses and the pre-chorus are strong enough to compensate for the chorus and the bridge being lackluster. The beat during the "Make a Wish" part of the chorus is very repetitive and dull - even someone like me who doesn't listen to much music has heard this generic beat far too many times in the past few years. The bridge near the end of the song uses some generic dance party beats that we have also heard a million times before. They are not bad, but in my opinion, the chorus and bridge should be the most interesting parts of the song, not the lowest points of the song due to using overused generic beats.

"BFF" is one of those pop-rock songs that are good to listen to a few times, but don't quite reach the greatness that would make you want to keep the song on repeat. However, the biggest disappointment in this music video is that it showcases a pillow fight, but the girls are wearing too much clothing. Taiwan is similar to Japan in that you can see many pictures and videos of girls hardly wearing any clothing -- but this MV isn't one.

I haven't listened to the rest of the album, but Cyndi Wang is mainly known for her ballads, which most of the readers at AKF hate. If you're not one of those people the MVs are linked below.

Far Away

The title track just had an MV come out last week here. It's a pop song. It's an addicting track, but I wish the MV wasn't cheaply made. It's one of those "let's take some concert footage and have some close ups of Cyndi". A song this good deserves a much better MV.


  1. In the first video she prays to a white plastic christmas tree and then Chinese ISIS comes and takes her away?
    All of my fetishes wrapped into one!

    BFF doesn't have anything rock-y about it.

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  3. Cyndi Lauper looks different somehow

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