Monday, February 1, 2016

Why The BTS X B-Free Feud is The Funniest Shit Of The Year Yet

Who doesn't love KARA's Youngji's laugh?

To everyone pissed off at the situation: stop fuming for two seconds as I explain why you should chill the fuck out and laugh.

So a few years ago when BTS were still nugus went to an underground rap event and a rapper by the name of B-Free dissed them for being idol rappers. While his comments were hilarious (him being a tryhard too ya know?), it's expected that idol rappers will be getting shit thrown at them from rappers and nonrappers alike. I mean hell, we live in a day where Ravi from VIXX can release (or threaten to release) a diss track.

I see Jimin's doin' hood rat shit with his friend.

Two days later he gets back on Twitter and says that BTS fans have pissed him off so much that the next time he sees them he's going to bitch slap them. So as you can guess: he just added more fuel to the fire, a lot of more fuel to the fire.

While I'm a fan of BTS, I really don't take offense to B-Free dissing them, mostly because rappers dissing rappers is something that happens all the time. That's just one of the petty laws of show business. But also, BTS don't even give a fuck themselves. They made a song that addressed the issue and that left it at that. Now is B-Free a super try-hard that tries to act like he's so much more hep-hap because he disses idols meanwhile he shared a stage with Song Mino (rapper from WINNER) on "Show Me The Money"? Of course, but at the end of the day, he's one in a million more, Korean or not, who think the exact same way so I'm not going to go emberass myself on Twitter and other social media platforms because "OMG B-FREE DISSED MAH BTS OPPARS!!! MUST DIE!!!!" 

Jungkook, Chuck D has some choice words for you.

However this is some funny ass shit. Not it's not because it shows B-Free is even more of a mega attention seeking fuckboy than he was two years ago. No it's not because he waited two years apologize for something so petty that everyone already forgot about. No it's not because we have someone who is considered on the same try-hard level as Keith Ape thinking he's so authentic dissing a group who's actually self-aware about their image. No it's not because it shows the ridiculousness of BTS's fandom to get pissed off at something so old. It's not even because of B-Free's super back-handed apology where he thanks the people who hated on him and not those who supported him. It's not even how he pulled a 180 once the fans got so excessive and said he was going to "bitch slap" BTS. Nope, none of that is the funniest shit.

The funniest shit about this is that ARMY's were so fucking stupid when they tried to launch an attack on B-Free they got the wrong rapper. Instead they got B Free, a Detroit rapper who is actually a fan of BTS, and lashed out on him. 


Credits to Asian Junkie

How in the fuck do you get a Black dude from Detroit confused with an Asian dude from Honolulu??????? Did you not see his dp????? I knew the BTS fandom was trash but I didn't know they could be this stupid. Joonie needs to donate some of his IQ points to the fandom, fast.

But seriously, I laughed for like ten minutes straight when I saw those tweets and I'm laughing now as I type this. I had to retype this sentence like ten fucking times because I was laughing so hard. #BTSNBFreeAintNothinToFuckWit

Some fan also made this:

 I have no idea what that's referencing but it's still hilarious.

And now Detroit rapper BFree, being a better diplomat than B-Free took this situation to promote his mixtape:


I approve of this marketing strategy.

And it worked...for me at least. I took the time to listen to a couple a tracks. If you're not into Nu-School rap then you wont be too keen on it, but here's one that I liked:

However, Whyandotte (a rapper he's cool with) has a sound I'm more into:


  1. in a world were GD is called hip hop i don't why ravi can't be a rapper

  2. Well for one, most ARMYs knew the real twitter handle of the B-Free they were targeting. The one from Detroit was probably on Twitter looking up his name like a lame and found out all of this mess going on. He's not even a fan of BTS LMAO. He just popped up like "Hey while you're arguing with this lame you should check out my music." The Korean B-Free was hardly getting any attention from ARMYs. He was entertaining maybe 20 or so of them. Everyone else ignored him or didn't @ him directly.

    1. If that's true then why did B-Free get pissed and say he was going to "bitch-slap" BTS after complaining about how the fans were pissed at and attacking him? I can tell you as a BTS fan: ARMY's are fucking insane. Not as insane as say, EXO-L's but still fucking insane.

    2. I think they are worse than ExoL now

    3. pLEASE EXO L'S RUINED A WEDDING AND THREW TAEHYUNG OUT OF A MOVIE THEATER but ARMY definitely gets props for being extremely stupid.

  3. "The funniest shit about this is that ARMY's were so fucking stupid when they tried to launch an attack on B-Free they got the wrong rapper."
    I guess ARMY are BTS fans?

  4. Hilarious. This reminds me of the time when someone from 2PM tweeted the wrong Min.

    1. Is this when Nichkhun mentioned the wrong Jia? That was hilarious.

  5. I watched the "offensive" panel discussion. Now, that was hilarious. Suga stuttering and basically giving completely incoherent answers. Rap Monster trying to defend why he "sold out" and became an idol. Trying to explain why it was better to learn how to dance and have to wear make up than struggle in the underground scene and go hungry. Rap Monster trying to throw Reddy under the bus with him for trying out. Then B-Free said they look like girls. LMAO. I figured B-Free had a come to Jesus moment when his label sold out

  6. Bts is my favorite group, but I don't even dare call my self an "army" they're really getting to exo-l level and it's so embarrassing. Also korean bfree tweeted a picture of a white bts fan who called him the n word on instagram 😂😂 he put her on blast what a mess

  7. I haven't known BTS for that long but from what I've seen, the ARMY fandom is fairly tame. EXO-L is fucking insane, the shit they've done and the possessiveness is unbearable. I haven't experienced that in ARMY. Also, I understand why people are upset with BFree, what he said was out of line, but it happened years ago. BTS is over it so why are the fans still mad? Lol. But there are those kinds of people in every fandom; those who take it a little too far. It's ridiculous to attack someone like him who decides to apologize 2 years later, obviously because he wants attention. It was dying down so he started it back up, and fans fell right into the trap. I think mistaking the American BFree for the Korean is fair though, most people wouldn't look at the picture and just assume that they'd found the right person. It's a fair mistake that anyone could make if they were in a hurry, it's just really funny. But I don't really think it's fair to call people stupid for it. Not that I'm offended or want to defend the fandom, I'm just saying that it's a little excessive calling an individual "fucking stupid" because they tweeted the wrong guy with the same name.

  8. I was drinking soda when I read how do u mixup a bfree from Detroit w bfree from Korea I was laughing and it went up my nose

  9. I'd love to know why your an "anti". Seriously- you don't have to like kpop, but it becomes sad where you start you name yourself an anti.