Monday, February 22, 2016

[MV Review] Brave Girls - Deepened

Brave Girls, with a massive member change, came out of Brave Brothers' dungeon after about three years. It took me a while to find out what the fuck people meant when they were calling this song "Deepened" because it doesn't match the Korean title at all. First world problems here, yo.

When I first listened to this song, I thought it was going to be average and didn't even think about writing a review for a song. Not many things are harder to write about than an average song. With a bad song, it's easy to make fun of it (and have anons come on here whining about how an AKF author's opinion differs from their own), and as for good songs, it's easy to write about why you liked the song.

The problem with "Deepened's" opening is that the instrumental is a little bare and a tad too slow for my liking. I know they're going for one of those slow R&B jams, but this isn't a song aimed at me. Then at 1:04, the instrumental adds more layers and the song, while still at the same tempo, sounds much more interesting and I was able to start getting into the song. This is why a good chorus is so fundamental for a song to be good. I could have easily given up on this song and moved onto the next one.

You may want to have a spare pair of underwear and pants ready, because you might shit yourself after reading the next paragraph of this review. Consider this as your warning.

"Deepened" finally does what I ask for idol raps. If you're going to put a rap in a song, do not shoehorn the fucking rap into a 10-second verse. This song has a full 30 seconds dedicated to the rap section, which actually makes the song much better. First, the song transitions well into and out from the rap, which is what so many K-pop songs struggle to do because the rap sections are usually so short and come out of nowhere. This gives the rapping girl an actual chance to shine and sound good, which she does here. Don't get me wrong, she's no MC Meta or anything, but she raps to the beat and her rhymes are not terrible and/or lazy. This is the only K-pop song I have ever listened to where the idol rap makes the song better instead of worse.

Brave Girls' return from the dungeon couldn't have been much better. They came out with a great song that doesn't sound too similar to what the other groups are releasing these days. Let's just hope the girls aren't forced into Brave Brothers' cum-filled dungeon for another three years.


  1. Come on I wasn't whining about their opinion differing from mine, I just didn't like how the last lines sounded like "if you have no taste you will like this" because I really don't like it when people suggest things like that. I liked the rest of the article and I still like the author, I was just unnecessarily sensitive and I still am because I try so hard to defend myself and write a long reply instead of brushing it off but whatever

  2. by far my favourite song released this year so far

  3. The first minute is so boring. But the chorus saves the song. All in all, solid effort.

  4. i don't like the part of the dance when they squat over a toilet seat

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  6. Once again, Kpop is about 1 year behind the current Western music trends. That being said, this song is a solid 8/10

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