Thursday, February 11, 2016

RIP Chanmi

Yes, I'm still here... inexplicably... long forgotten... just like once-rumored Soomi-crucifying bully gangleader of 5 Doors, Chanmi!

If you hadn't noticed, she's trying for her first second third forth fifth shot at fame in the new performing competition show Produce 101 but instead of delicious fruits & vegetables she's serving up treats such as this:

As much as I would like to express how entertaining I find this failure to live up to even Tiffany-quality singing in a wonderfully articulate article, I'm afraid only Hyeri of Girl's Day can provide an accurate expression of my feelings:

I think that pretty much covers it. All that is left is a conclusion on the matter: RIP Chanmi. That is not a proclamation but rather some advice. You tried. Your career is dead. Go and rest now.


  1. They all sound like that if you turn their pitch-correction off.

    1. Art is expression but entertainment is interpretation. -_^

  2. I'm watching this too, I remember thinking her performance on the first episode was pretty alright. Then the second episode didn't live up to that at all.

  3. Oh boy. Took me a second to catch all the jokes. Worth it.

  4. poor her , somi fans are dragging her down because she ruined the group stage .... but they don't get that people that were there don't care and will 100 % vote for somi

  5. She started out fine and then 2:17 took over and now I just...stop. STOP. YOU HAVE RUINED MY FAVORITE FUCKING SNSD SONG GODDAMMIT!


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