Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Henry Tries to be a One Piece Character

You see Henry has put a lot of work into his upper body. Then you realize the UCAAD has always skipped leg day. Is Henry trying to be a One Piece character?

First up is Cyborg Franky, part of the Straw Hat crew. The mother fucker is a cyborg and still couldn't mechanically enhance his legs.

Next is Jesus Burgess, captain of the first ship under Blackbeard. This UCAAD only fights with his arms, so he probably thinks it's okay to skip leg day.

Last in this article is Pica, one of the top executives of the Donquixote Pirates. At least he put some effort into his legs, but obviously not enough.

So Henry, either keep ignoring leg day and become a true One Piece character with horrible proportions, or actually do some leg exercises.


  1. omg finally another korean idol that doesnt look like a titless woman

    1. The funny thing is that He is in a korean band But he isn't korean lol but yeah he is a korean idol since he debuted in korea?

  2. Wait, this ISN'T photoshopped! I thought Henry put it on his facebook as a joke!

  3. It's so awkward lmao

  4. late night attempting to be truly cool to alright so satisfy all see that by the end of the clasp Stark Trading System semester I think it was even owed force on aorta’s to have a gathering class I are and specialists and give all of the situation well really the announcement.



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