Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #12

Another Sunday, another Sunday Shitpost. Pictured above is Cheng Xiao of the soon-to-be-debuted Cosmic Girls.

News Story #1: Cosmic Girls Release another Teaser

News Story #2: Girlfriend has their 12th(!) win on Inkigayo

I am surprised Girlfriend is still winning. I thought that this would be one of those songs that would win a couple of shows for a week and then fade away. There is a severe lack of strong competition out right now, with a lot of nugu groups promoting and 4minute releasing a really divisive track.

News Story #3: Winner is not satisfied with their name

If my group's name reminded people of "Big Rigs", then I would want the name changed as well.

News Story #4: Rainbow reveals their secret to lasting so long

No, they don't mean kegels. They're talking about their career. The real secret: they have no other viable options in the entertainment industry (until we get that KAV industry, that is.)

News Story #5: AOA finally breaks even, can start making money now

Now I can move onto early retirement by marrying Mina and being a stay-at-home dad. (Honestly, no, I could never do that. Taking care of kids 24/7 would drive me fucking insane.)

News Story #6: Ladies Code releases "Galaxy" Teaser


  1. So that would mean the new AOA subunit is a plot to keep those three in debt for a few years more?

  2. Is it just me or did several pictures just not work in some of the last two weeks' blog entries?

    1. I think it's an imgur problem. There are some articles where I had to remove every picture I wanted to post because they wouldn't show up.

  3. Well they're up against the likes of Zico and Taeyeon who are huge right now. 12 wins is a lot for anybody.

    1. I reckon it's just all the money Source Music got from extorting Byunghun is still going

  4. The Ladies' Code teaser sounds great but I still feel a knot in my stomach when I think about them not coming back with 5 members. Anyways, hope that KBS won't ban them like they did to AKMU because their song shares a name with a smartphone.

  5. I see that Cheng Xiao is into bondage. I'm all in.

  6. Illuminati are running kpop ! Cheng Xiao Cosmic girls the sign of Baphomet ! Golden cup ! Cute girls in tartan! Mina my mind is being manipulated by her petite cuteness !
    In all seriousness I hope Ladies Code comes back strong been a fan from the beginning.

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