Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HYSF Fic Time: How A Fangirl Saw The Light Through The Darkness

I wrote this fanfic while on lunch break today. Time to go back doing some auditing shit in about ten minutes...

Sitting at her computer, Anne was furiously pressing down on the F5 button. She was waiting for G-Dragon's new music video and wanted to be one of the first people to watch it. She had a reputation to keep up as the number one G-Dragon fan outside of Korea. She needed to be the first one among her Twitter friends to watch the MV so she could spazz about it and spout out her superior knowledge about G-Dragon.

"Good Boy" finally came out and Anne's panties were already getting wet. "Omo, G-Dragon looks like such a thug! I want him to ram me hard up the ASS since he looks so hot!" After watching the MV, Anne switched to her Twitter tab and started blabbing about how hot and talented G-Dragon was.

By this point in time, many people had blocked Anne's ass on Twitter for being among the most delusional fucks on this planet. Despite that, she had a massive following on Twitter because there were other YG stans out there who loved reading what she wrote. Today was the day she was going to gather a lot of love from her followers.

"I finished my fanfic on Asianfanfics. Go check it out!" Anne tweeted to her followers. Her tweet was favorited and retweeted hundreds of times, showing that people wanted to read about G-Dragon taking Anne's anal virginity.

"I have finally saved up enough money to go to Korea. I'm going to make my fanfic come true!"


Anne finally landed in Korea after a tortuous seventeen hour flight. She flicked her bean in the bathroom several times during the flight as she was determined to have G-Dragon fuck her while she was in Korea.

"I am the most devout G-Dragon fan there, and I want to prove it to him!" Anne exclaimed as she left the airport. "Luckily I bought this book, "Sasaeng 101", to help me locate G-Dragon.

Anne took several buses and taxis to get from Incheon to Gangnam, but she knew where G-Dragon lived because of how much she cyber-stalked him. She walked up to the front door and peered inside, noticing that it was empty. "No wonder there are no sasaengs here," muttered Anne as she pulled out a lock pick and opened the front door to G-Dragon's house.

Anne took out her phone and started taking pictures of G-Dragon's house. She even went into GD's bedroom and started pulling out his underwear and took pictures of herself sniffing his underwear. She uploaded the pictures to Twitter to make her fans jealous.

"Are you crazy?! You broke into his house!" one follower tweeted to Anne.

"Relax, Koreans can't own guns," tweeted Anne.

"What are they going to do about it? Leave mean comments online and have others upvote it to make me feel bad?" Anne continued.

Several days passed and G-Dragon still hadn't come home. "I know this is the right place," Anne thought as she sat on the couch watching G-Dragon's stash of gay porn on his 4K HD TV. "Well, a lot about G-Dragon makes sense now," Anne stated.

Suddenly the front door opened and G-Dragon walked in. "Who the hell are you? The new dealer?"

"What? Me? No, I'm just your biggest fan--" Anne started before G-Dragon cut her off.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear that all the time," G-Dragon sighed.

"But I can prove it!" Anne exclaimed as she started taking her shirt off.

"Woah, hold on," G-Dragon said as she motioned her to stop. "Eat this Chipotle and Taco Bello meal first if you want to prove to me that you're my biggest fan."

"But I'm a vegan," replied Anne.

"I don't care if you're a faggot-ass vegan -- if you're my number one fan, you'll do as I say."

Anne shook her head and swined down the Chipotle and Taco Bell. After she was done eating, G-Dragon told her to take her clothes off and bend over doggy style. "I'll do anything for you," Anne exclaimed.

G-Dragon walked into the kitchen and grabbed a one-gallon bucket and carried it back to the living room where Anne was bent over. He smirked as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

"G-Dragon, I feel like I need to take a massive diarrhea dump," Anne stated as she placed her left hand on her stomach. "Mexican food doesn't sit well with me."

"It doesn't sit well with anyone," G-Dragon laughed as he held the bucket up to Anne's ass. "Now shit into this bucket," demanded G-Dragon. A torrent of hot, flaming diarrhea shot out of Anne's asshole into the bucket. After a few minutes of constant diarrhea, Anne was holding back her tears. Her asshole was burning. "Fuck Chipotle and Taco Bell," thought Anne. "I'm finally done," Anne told G-Dragon.

G-Dragon set the bucket off to the side and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. And ripped off his underwear to reveal his stiff three-inch dick. He placed he knees on the ground and forcefully shoved his dick into Anne's asshole.

"OW!" Anne yelped as she wasn't braced for impact.

"I thought you wanted me to fuck you in the ass," G-Dragon laughed as he continued to thrust.

"Yeah, but you know, after I had an enema. Then you would lick my asshole for a few minutes before fingering it and then using a buttplug to loosen my asshole up!" cried Anne as G-Dragon kept on thrusting forcefully.

"But this is my fetish," G-Dragon said as he sped up his thrusting. "Instead of wasting money on Astroglide, I just use diarrhea water as a lubricant."

G-Dragon kept on thrusting for a few more minutes before he pulled his dick out of her ass. He walked up to Anne and grabbed her face. "Open your mouth."

Anne reluctantly opened her mouth as G-Dragon shoved his dick into her mouth. He started fucking her mouth really fast and started jizzing inside of her mouth. He pulled his dick out and smirked at Anne. "Swallow it," he demanded. With some tears rolling down her eyes, Anne gulped the semen and diarrhea mixture down her throat.

"I think you need some help being cleaned off," G-Dragon laughed as he grabbed the bucket. He then held it above Anne's head and dumped Anne's diarrhea contents all over her hair and face. "Now go wash yourself up and leave," G-Dragon said as he put his clothes back on.

After throwing up a few times, Anne wiped the shit and tears from her face. "Fuck this prick, I'm joining Anti Kpop-Fangirl."


  1. That was nice of you to change my name to Anne.

    But seriously I think the answer to your question is both... Puke and then use it as lube while you fap. At least that's what I didn't do.

    (How did GD have Chipotle in Korea, wtf immersion ruined.)

    1. He had the Chipotle food flown over to Korea. He's G-Dragon, he gets whatever he wants!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I saw your comment before you deleted it and I lol'd.

    2. I thought it was self explanatory, but it was so gross

  3. Where's Seungri with a handy towel when you really need him.

  4. How did I know that this fanfic was going to contain copious amounts of poop, jizz, and buttsex before even clicking?

  5. I knew the ending wasn't going to be good when he told her to eat Chipotle and Taco Bell food. Hilarious though. I hate YG stans.

  6. Three inches is too generous, no? And I'm changing my name from Anna to something you can't find out since it seems you've discovered my secret, curse you.

  7. I thought Seungrisus oppar would be making a cameo when he told her to wash herself up.
    What an awesome read tho, gives sojin_fag a run for his money.

  8. Could be worse, she could have stanned Kim Hyun Joong.

  9. I accept this fanfic with calmness.

  10. OK, first things first wtf. Second, do things like this just pop up in your mind at any given moment? Also the hell were you thinking writing this during lunch break??

  11. Taco Bell! Wait, so no Gd bowing 90 degrees to her while telling her to clean up?

  12. I thought he was going to pick up a recorder and tape her diarrheia sounds to use it as future inspiration for his songs.

  13. well......


    fuck I've actually seen fics worst than this and I strongly believe what makes them worse is the fact that fangirls wrote them.

    1. Can you give me links to some of these fanfics? :P


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