Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 71

This week's photo comes from James H.:

Thank you for your submission!


I think we have had a picture similar to this a few years ago, but it is nonetheless a prime example of fangirl stupidity. "If I am unhappy, everyone else has to be unhappy and do as I say because it is all about me! How can oppa be so selfish and not be with ME?!" 

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  1. This is actually starting to get old. Maybe it's just me getting numbed...

  2. This explains why fangirls like slash fanfiction so much.

  3. Meh this one is well known, I was expecting a long ass essay on how oppa looks in the crow specifically for her, or some very delulu shit...

    1. I love the delulu shit cause it's like being high but without actually doing drugs. Yay!

  4. Oh how fangirls just love squeezing the yaoi out of everything. Oppa is straight. Get over it.

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  6. Echk yaoi is disgusting and so are those fangirls who get upset when they're fav male idol is dating someone a thousand times more attractive. I never even saw the appeal in yaoi, why do some girls like it so much? (I'm a girl too BTW)

  7. Why don't you link your old article to this?


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