Sunday, January 25, 2015

[MV Review] Eight Muses - Drama

You can't be disappointed when you expected the song to suck!

I hadn't actually listened to Nine Muses at all until this week. I saw the teaser and got my Astroglide out because the girls are hot, but I wanted to see how this song would stack up against their previous singles.

And wow, this song is underwhelming. Not because it is shitty -- it's simply a very average song that isn't memorable in any way. It's because this group had some good songs to live up to, and this song falls flat. This group had so many jams produced by Sweetune, but I can see why they didn't go back to him after releasing that turd they produced for Nicole last fall.

I know Nine Muses has a lot of fans for a nugu group, and it sucks for them that they waited over a year to get a song that they'll forget a week later. This song lacks a strong instrumental -- it's loud as shit during some points of the song, but it isn't very memorable. The song lacks a strong chorus to carry it. The verses are boring for the most part, and when your most memorable verse is the opening rap -- not just any rap, an idol rap, your song is already in danger.

If it's any consolation to the group, I would lick all of their assholes.

Edit: Or maybe PTS_Sr will be nicer in his review. I accidentally cockblocked his review.


  1. As long as you don't cockblock my fapping to this MV I'm happy.

    1. But it is also distinctly less fappable than previous MVs of theirs which adds to the disappointment

  2. "You can't be disappointed when you expected the song to suck!"

    EXACTLY! I was expecting a total mess, but I ended up liking the song :'( But I'm biased as shit, so I would have liked it even if the song sucked badlly. 9Muses have be getting hate from day 1 for all the wrong,stupid reasons, despite the fact they had some amazing tracks, and that's one of the many reasons I will keep stanning them. Drama is your classic "Walmart" soundtrack, and of course koreans are loving it since they have shitty taste, At least they're not dead.
    However, I really like how they're catering to avery existing fetish with their styling choices, both in their Mv and their "live" performances: .
    Traduci questa pagina
    Now, if You excuse me, I gotta fap.

  3. I feel sorry for 9MUSES. They've had so many great songs over the years ("Figaro, "Wild", and "Rumour", to name a few) but nobody's noticed. Any momentum that they were gaining in 2013 was lost in 2014 when 3 of the muses quit. And I don't think they'll be gaining many new fans with this good-but-not-great comeback.

  4. I like Gun and Minha and fapped to Lee Sem in a bikini once.

    Song's nothing special.

  5. what so you listen to kpop? I thought you should watch it with the mute On,this is my review :
    they look hot? YES ..... ok 9/10 good comeback
    ahahhah I do like the song is pretty catchy and they look amazing so is all good
    BTW what kind of cao ni ma lazy review is this not extra picture or gifs,come on you are lazier than sulli to this point

  6. wtf is up with their facial expressions? They look like they're trying to re-enact that epidode of SNSD's horror factory

  7. I don't really remember how this song goes tbh, I don't know much about 9M besides their debut song and that doco they made years ago

  8. Erin's rap at the beginning is really good, though..

  9. I played this and got Startled when the actual song started. Damn that Rap was catchy and fierce. This songs sounds like Dolls + Gun. You can even put the Dolls Choreo for the chorus ontop of this song.

    Also, Sungah is Hot af. I would go inside her jungle.

  10. Only good thing about this comeback is Sungah.


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