Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This post has all the information you need about the KPOPALYPSE LIVESTREAM!

Q: What is this livestream thing?  You're not really going to squirt me with a hose, are you?

A: Unfortunately it's not quite that interactive.  Basically you'll just be watching some dude who is probably way older than you yet creepily into k-pop for some fucked up reason (it's probably the titties) talk about k-pop, k-pop blogging and answer your questions in front of a laptop webcam for a few hours.  Sound good?

Q: Wow, sounds fantastic!  I can't wait to see you embarrass yourself shamelessly!  When is this amazingness happening?

There will be two streams, eight hours apart, to accommodate people in different timezones:

Stream 1: Midday Sunday 23rd February
Stream 2: 8:00 PM Sunday 23rd February

These are Adelaide, Australia times (GMT+10:30).  Click the links for a countdown in your timezone.

Q: I am not worthy!  But I'll watch it anyway!  What's the link?

The streaming link is:

Q: Gosh, do I need one of those webcam thingies?

No.  It's me who is going to be streaming my ugly mug, not you.  Participants will be asking questions and talking to me via a text bar.  If you want to do more than just watch and actually ask questions, you will need a account - this is free.  If you don't have one, you may wish to go to and make one pre-emptively so you're not rushing around doing it at the last minute on the day.

 Q: But I don't know what to ask!  Got any suggestions?

Why not look at my account and you'll be able to see the kinds of questions that other people have been asking me.  Hopefully that will inspire you (although try to be inspired by the decent questions and not the "how large is your anus capacity" type stuff).  If not, then maybe there's no hope for you hahahahaha - but that's okay, you can just watch others ask questions if you want.

Q: I've tried watching stream before but my connection lags like a bitch.  Please help me oppar!

A:  Right click on the stream while it's playing, and try changing the "quality" setting from high to either medium or low.  Also click "settings" and try checking "enable hardware acceleration" (left tab) and also making sure you allocate at least 100kb of storage with the slider thingy (middle tab).  Also check "global settings" and "advanced" and make sure you're running the latest Active X.  If none of that helps, blame your Internet provider - it's what everyone else does.

 Q: I'm watching your stream but you keep dropping out, why?

A: I live in Australia, where our stupid fail government here has guaranteed at least another 3 years of shithouse Internet, basically nobody in my country has a good connection.  Don't worry - the dropouts never last more than a few minutes, if I suddenly vanish, stay tuned, I'll return!

Q: Great!  I'll be there!

See you there, cao ni mas.


  1. "stupid fail government"

    I would blame the voters more.

    anway oppar LoL is down, help me :(

    1. Australian voters are idiots. We got the government we deserved.

      Let's do text adventure LoL!

      You are on Summoner's Rift, at your home base. You are Vayne. Leona is beside you. The trees are a lush green, and there is a slight breeze. There are exits, north, northeast, and east.

    2. "Let's go east, Leona" said Vayne. Leona nodded, and followed Vayne.

      They walked all the way east, and stopped at the outermost east tower.

      "Should we check the bush, Leona?" ask Vayne.

      sorry for my english lol

    3. You check the bush. Nidalee and Ziggs are here. They spear and bomb you both to death.


      Play again?

    4. Way to make it impossible to continue oppar

      "OMG NOOB LEONA UNINSTALL" Vayne raged, seeing how she zenith blade-d nothing and dies in a bath of sunlight.

      They continued the game, this time they face Lux. Lux managed to bind Leona and lazored her to death, and then she laughed demonically. (

      It seems Leona is destined to stay in Plastic 5 forever, will there be hope?

    5. You've never played the old Infocom text adventures I see.


      I recommend Zork I, Hitchhiker's Guide and Leather Goddesses.

    7. Java needs to be updated lol

    8. Updating Java and then being eating by a Grue in Zork will keep you busy until LoL comes back up.

    9. Fresh from a kill, Vayne and Leona are severely wounded. Something is amiss.

      Smelling blood, Piltover's finest, Vi, dashes headfirst into our poor Champions and dunks them both to death.

      The end.

    10. This is actually a very accurate recreation of our LoL games.

    11. except it happens over and over again

  2. is this label true?: "will aegyo for paypal donations"

    1. Yes but no refunds will be given if you discover that my aegyo skills are even worse than my LoL playing.

  3. That betterwings girl is so cute.


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