Monday, February 3, 2014

Soshi manager Chapter 6: Get this motherfucking suju out of my motherfucking game

Today turned out to be a special day in the life of this Soshi manager. I had to go straight to KBS where I was promptly met by Yuri who had an extremely important task:

Or not.

I thought maybe we should work on the performance for the special but no, this was what we were doing.

Interesting choice of words... I thought about which piece of body I would like to recognize her the most from.

After that I left the dressing room but before I could hide I ran into Kyuhyun who told me someone else needed help. (This would be really common occurrence today unfortunately)

I took two more steps and the same fucking thing happened again.

 This is one shitty version of where's Waldo.

You know the deal by now. Person can't find thing, I go find thing.

This, I didn't mind doing. Any excuse to help Sica or to root around in some unmentionables. 

When I brought her shoes back for some reason she told me about how much she doesn't care about Key. That was sort of strange but I also didn't care about him either.

I don't usually judge a man on his fashion accessories, but well this isn't really a man we're talking about.

This was a really shitty day. I felt like I hadn't done a damn thing. 

Thanks for that now that I was 90% through with this crappy, crappy day. 

Oh for fuck's sake. It appeared this shit day had more shit chore. *sigh*

I was at least glad all those hours spent trolling the darkest parts of the web (SNSD fan forums) finally paid off.

At least I had reached the end my day but not before one final question... Something about which SNSD member often brings utensils to studios or something, I don't care. 


  1. Tiffany is totally waiting for Taeyeon isn't she ?
    btw the pictures you chose for Siwon and Shinee's Goo Hara were spot on. props !

    1. i know shinee is a girl group, but i am sure that goo hara is not part of shinee...

    2. That's like saying Jessica is part of Big Bang.

  2. I was just referring to the fact that he's a manwhore. Just like I could have said Shinee's Taylor Swift.

  3. I have lost all hope that some shit is actually going to happen.
    Still, thank you for the Tiffany photo.

  4. Tiffanyyyyyy...........................


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