Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bom's Fanart

It was a normal day and I had just finished looking at Zinger/Hana's new face. For comparative purposes I decided to look up some pictures of Bom. This is what came out of that. Not going to lie, I don't mind real Bom as much anymore.

P.S: Sorry if your work got posted!
Before we start, a semi normal picture and the jump. 
Is this the future of Bom's eyes?
It's like someone straight up traced me!
They captured the uneven chin and lifeless eyes well.
Bom or Hatsune Miku?
Realistic enough, not like the real Bom is any better.
Can no one truly capture the face of Bom on paper?
Look! I'm recovering from another double eyelid surgery!
Why would you drag TOP into this?
Nice weave.

Are you sure this is Bom?

Too much lip Botox.

Bom's facial features continue to outgrow her face shape.

Looks too human.

Someone realizes Bom's real goal.

I would be confused too if I looked like that.

Got a little lazy eye, should sue Dr. Kim.

Spaghetti hair:  The new trend.

U&I will never be with that face.

Oh, this is real Bom.

Did you think it was over?

New circle lenses?


  1. Please make a frontpage cut-off (or whatever it's called), so not the entire article is on the front page.

  2. This one is pretty good fanart... of CL.

  3. Oh wow a new author! Hello unni/hyung! Nice pics, btw *grin*

  4. I'd love for "idol fanart" to be a series, if it isn't one already. I read this article on your blog several days ago and wondered why it wasn't posted to AKF. Bom certainly has some very artistic fans!

    1. lol, I recently found a marvelous stash of Luhan arts.

    2. It's not exactly a series, but Soyeon Chingu has a couple posts of lovely fanart: and And I think he's getting stuff for a third.

    3. Fan Art is quite abundant on the inter webs, it's almost scary.

  5. I thought the first picture was CGI wtf

  6. needs more lip botox in the 13th pic

  7. I straight up laughed at the last picture.

  8. wtf was up with that last picture???????

  9. yo i usually don't want to be the wet blanket but it takes a lot of courage to post something you made on the internet (lord knows i've never had the balls to do it) and these fanart articles don't give any advice other than an "haha you suck" and it's not helping anyone to have something like this out there. i'll be the first to admit that a lot of these aren't very good at all (although there are some that are actually fine?) but you gotta start somewhere you know

  10. Some of these were clearly made by artists with at least some talent, especially the third drawing, which is quite good. Becoming a good artist takes years of practice. I put hours into every drawing, and sometimes I'm still not satisfied with the final product. I used to totally suck at drawing people, but people encouraged me and I believed I was good. However, if it weren't for a bit of harsh criticism I received at one point I might not have been motivated to improve. I can be arrogant about it sometimes, but when I see photorealistic portraits it reminds me that I'm not done improving. Not that any of these are photorealistic.

  11. Some of them are actually really good.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. lol at the fucked up ones

    Wished that Bom just fixed her teeth i think she'll look more beautiful and natural tsk tsk oh well.


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