Thursday, March 27, 2014

Future Livestreams

Due to working the night shift, I will no longer be able to livestream on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM EST like I normally did. However, I can do livestreams in the afternoons, such as 3 PM EST, five hours than I normally would. I know that conflicts with a good majority of the people who regularly tune in, because that would be 3-5 AM in their timezone. I thought about uploading videos to YouTube, but some people told me that most of the fun with the livestreams is the interactivity. Well, I can't stream during the week at 8 PM to accommodate people because that would be around 8 AM their time. If you have any other suggestions, comment below, because the only other alternative I can think of is just waiting for Kpopalypse and/or Zaku to stream.


  1. Are you working as Shinbi's stripper assistant?

  2. Gonna be busy next couple of weekends, no streamerino for me. :/

  3. I'll probably do another stream in April. Not sure when exactly.


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