Thursday, March 13, 2014

[MV Review] Spica - You Don't Love Me

I was going to scrap this review after lagging on it for so long, but I made gifs already... Might as well not let them go to waste.

Spica, Spica, Spica. When this group debuted under the direction/influence of Hyori and blessed with a multitude of vocal chops if not visual beauty (with the exception of Narae for sure or Jiwon on a good day), I was expecting great things from them. Since their debut though, they've hit the bottom end of rookies for the simple reason that they simply aren't charismatic or attractive enough to make a dent in the market. Their songs are solid, and You Don't Love Me is no exception.

The MV is a solid dance in a box MV with the random close-ups we've come to expect from safe releases, but the concept has me torn. It's a definite retro throw back, but I can't decide whether or not they're parodying sexy concepts or playing it totally straight.

When you give me scenes like...

What I wouldn't give to touch dat booty.

I can point to it (heh) and say, yep that's defnitely a sexy concept. But when you juxtapose it with weird, potentially sexy (for the right person) things like...

Cheeseball masturbating??
Laundry dumping is the new shower scene of sexy.
It confuzzles the genitals. The huge butt pads would indicate a leaning toward parody, but I suppose you could make a case either way. The disjoint is very odd regardless. It would have been much better if they picked one way or another, but that's just me.

I'm certainly not complaining about what I do get.
In any case, the final product's dance routine is very bare bones and simple, as per standard fare for Spica. They do include a few nice bits for the easily titillated viewer though.

You bitched about the lack of ass in KPop, Spica delivers.
Narae is trying way too hard, bless her soul.
That's perfectly fine for a group like Spica anyway who prefers to let their vocals do the talking. The song itself is a very retro throwback with minimal accompaniment aside from the odd brassy note for flare. It really puts the vocals on center stage, and the croons and cries of Spica are very well done. Like I mentioned earlier, the group possesses probably the highest average chops per member of any group (save maybe the Brown Eyed Girls, but I digress).

All that is well and good and all, but there's not much here that really blows me away. It's an extremely safe song in the sense that it sticks to tried-and-true pop formula and doesn't really have any particularly exciting
bits to convert new fans. That odd rap bit is stupid too, a vocal group of this talented caliber does not need to relegate their butchiest member to token rapper status just to fit in goddamn it.

At least Narae is still smoking hot.

Spica's latest sexy/parody/confused outing is safe, if not particularly exciting.


  • Spica's overall vocals are still very good
  • Boa's crooning is so nice, she's criminally underrated IMO
  • some sexy bits are nice
  • brassy band accompaniment that is very minimal and complementary, rather than overwhelming
  • the song is pretty boring overall
  • confusing concept that doesn't know what it wants to be
I give it a 2.5 out of 5. Sorry Narae.


  1. It took you 6 weeks to write something this short? Lawl.

    1. I'm just giving you shit while I still have some free time in my life haha. I don't know if you've looked at the scheduled posts, but most likely from now on, I'll be Shinbotting the majority of my articles. I usually pick a day or two out of the week and write a week's worth of posts for the site because soon I'll have no life at all, as I'll be buried in GMAT prep books, accounting books, CPA exam prep books, MSA (Master's of Science in Accounting) classes, internships (hopefully because I really need one or two of those) and I'll be starting a part-time job soon. I know your struggles brah, just felt like giving you shit.

      Just try to get on my level when it comes to time management. :P

  2. NARAE! Spica has fallen the fuck off for me tho.. At least we'll always have 2012 Spica.

  3. Zaku sir you are now my author for the month~ lets build naraeism :D

  4. When it comes to vocal ability, Spica is quite possibly the most overrated group in K-Pop. Everyone raves on about how they've the only group in K-Pop where every member are powerhouse vocalists but Bohyung is the only member which has any outstanding ability whereas the rest can simply just hold a note. The only reason why they get so much praise is because it's considerably rare to actually find an idol who can hold a note. But I hate to get all swamped down in things a irrelevant and pointless as vocal ability. This song is Spica's best release. The song is solid. Not the best song ever but it's still pleasant to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed the music video as well.

  5. song is solid

    song is pretty boring


    1. You can have a solid song that does nothing wrong, but that doesn't make it interesting.

  6. I like "You Don't Love Me" a lot, but yeah, it is very much a safe release.

  7. That is a pretty bizarre music video.
    I can't really explain it, but it seems as if it's made by two different directors and they just cut the scenes together. One was going for a sexy concept, the other a parody.

    I can't stand the blonde's singing. Their singing overall, at least in this song, is drilling into my eardrums.

  8. Finally it got reviewed, but i expected more praise rather than a shallow response. This is a really well sung song, BOA was awesome and Bohyung is ,like always, great. Not the kind of song that will hit well for Korean ears. Maybe outside the continent??

  9. Narae is definitely ruining my bias list. she is perfect!!!!

  10. Am I the only one who find that butt touching scene seems funny?


    "I don't have to write shit!" -

  12. I felt this song was just a parody of sexy concepts but I could understand how it may seem confusing.

    Although I would think that overstretched "You don't love me" in the beginning was too much but it goes well with the song that I can't really complain. Honestly I loved the song. It's one of my favorites by them.


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